Authorities Drain Rainwater in Balochistan After Deadly Flooding

Authorities were working to drain floodwaters in the city of Gwadar, in the Balochistan province, on Monday, March 4, after flooding in Pakistan killed at least 35 people.

At least five people died in Gwadar because of buildings collapsing due to the heavy rainfall and flooding.

At least 700 homes have been damaged by the floodwaters, and residents in affected areas have been evacuated, according to Crisis24.
Footage released by the Government. of Balochistan to X shows authorities carrying out water drainage work. Entire streets visible in the footage are covered in floodwater and mud.

According to ANI, relief aid for the flood-affected Gwadar was not reaching people because of the city’s degraded infrastructure. Credit: Government of Balochistan via Storyful

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