Average American eats about 60 burgers per year

Burgers are the go-to menu choice for one in five Americans, according to new research.

In a poll of 2,000 self-identified hamburger enthusiasts, 58% admitted to frequently ordering burgers when dining out.

In fact, the average respondent eats about five burgers per month, with boomers eating the least at about three to four.

This means the average respondent eats about 60 burgers per year.

Respondents also seemed to care more about the quality of the patty (33%) than what type of meat or plant-based ingredients it’s made from (26%).

While beef patties appealed to the largest number of respondents (52%), alternative options like chicken (45%) and even veggie (35%) weren’t far behind.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of White Castle, the poll revealed that when it comes to branching out with their burger order, respondents were more likely to stick to a traditional burger over something new or innovative (33% vs 16%).

When asked what would encourage them to deviate from their go-to, one respondent said, “something that is completely different from any burger I have ever eaten.”

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