Ayrshire nursery praised for 'warm and compassionate care' for kids

The outdoor area at Tarbolton ELC
-Credit: (Image: Ayrshire Post)

A council-run nursery has been handed a favourable report into the service it provides.

Tarbolton Early Years Centre Day Care of Children, in Montgomerie Street, was graded ‘very good’ across one quality indicator and ‘good’ across three others.

The findings come from the Care Inspectorate who made an unannounced inspection at the nursery in May with the results now made public.

Among the key messages children experienced “warm and compassionate care” at the centre. And they were “happy and engaged” in play and learning experiences.

There was praise for the staff who “passionately promoted” the importance of outdoor play in all weather.

In addition, children and families were “at the heart of the service” and their plans for improvement.

And the management team had recognised the importance of “supporting” staff wellbeing and developing “positive relationships” across the staff team.

An extract from the Care Inspectorate report said “several strengths” impacted positively on outcomes for children/people and “clearly outweighed” any areas for improvement.

The report goes on: “Children experienced warm and compassionate care. Staff interactions were nurturing and responsive to children’s individual needs and preferences. We saw children confidently approaching staff for comfort and cuddles. As a result children had formed trusting relationships and felt secure.”

In addition, children benefitted from a “calm, unhurried lunchtime” and they enjoyed a “hot nutritious meal” while chatting with their friends and staff.

And staff sat with the children and “encouraged positive eating habits” and talked with them about their day.

Setting was graded ‘very good,’ according to the report, while care, play and learning, leadership and staff team were all graded ‘good.’

The report continues: “We found significant strengths in aspects of the care provided and how these supported positive outcomes for children/people.

“Children experienced a homely and welcoming environment. Playrooms were well ventilated and furnished to a high standard.”

Tarbolton Early Years Centre is registered to provide a day care of children service to a maximum of 62 children aged 2 to not yet of an age to attend primary school.

The service is provided by South Ayrshire Council.

The report adds: “During our visit, staff were kind and respectful, offering help to each other when required. All parents spoke positively of the staff team.”

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