Azealia Banks slams Beyoncé's upcoming album as 'white women cosplay'

Azealia Banks has slammed Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter album as "white women cosplay".

The rapper took to Instagram stories to express her displeasure with the cover art for Beyoncé's new album.

"Wow, we didn't even try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title?" she wrote. "Sis, I live for Whiteyonce Donatella Bianca Bardot DOWN, but I'm kind of ashamed at how (you) switch from Baobab trees and Black Parade to this literal pick me stuff."

After calling the album cover art "white women cosplay", she added, "Like u do lame stuff like bring out some blacklisted white women (Dixie Chicks) at the Country Music Awards. and they would never, ever do the same for you. Ur always sharing ur platform with white women, who are so jealous of you but have such a long history of sabotaging other black careers."

She continued, "I just wish you would get unobsessed with being boring and pretty all the time."

Beyoncé hasn't responded to the 212 singer's post.

Cowboy Carter will be released on 29 March.