There’s a new b-movie called ‘Cocaine Shark’ and you need to see the trailer

Official poster for 'Cocaine Shark', 2023
'Cocaine Shark' follows 'Cocaine Bear' in imagining a deadly drug-fuelled rampage. (Photo: Wild Eye Releasing/Twitter)

The first trailer for new B-movie Cocaine Shark has arrived – you can see it below.

Following on from the box office success of Elizabeth Banks’ Cocaine Bear, released last month, the low-budget production company Wild Eye Releasing are striking while the iron is hot by taking the concept of an apex predator on a drug-fuelled rampage and transplanting the action to the aquatic world.

In the film, which will arrive on digital platforms on July 7, a mafia boss defies the laws of chemistry, good taste and common sense by inexplicably managing to derive a highly addictive new stimulant from caged sharks. Inevitably, his chemical processes fall short of rigorous health and safety standards and a laboratory explosion ensues, unleashing an army of coked-up great whites on the world’s oceans.

The film looks set to surpass Cocaine Bear as the film to use the phrase ‘inspired by true events’ more tenuously than any other in history. In February, authorities in New Zealand discovered more than three tonnes of cocaine floating in the Pacific Ocean, with an estimated value of over 500 million US dollars. This quickly led to a calls for a Cocaine Shark movie, with Wild Eye nobly stepping up to the plate.

Cocaine Bear has performed solidly at the box office, taking a global total of over $57 million and rising as of today (March 10). The comedy horror was (very) loosely inspired by the 1985 true story of 500-pound black bear that died after ingesting a duffel bag full of cocaine that had been dumped from a plane into woodland in northern Georgia by a drug smuggler. The film luridly imagines the murderous events that might have transpired between the bear consuming the powder and later dying of a massive overdose.

Talking to Rolling Stone UK last month, star O’Shea Jackson Jr. reflected on how the strength and warmth of the film’s characters helped to subvert audience expectations for Cocaine Bear. “It’s like the icing on the cake, which for us is a bag of cocaine! But once you cut into it, you realise there’s a lot of good characters and the inside is just as good as the out.”