Baby can't stop laughing on first ever roller coaster ride

Cruz on his dad Simon's lap in Disneyland Paris.
Cruz on his dad Simon's lap in Disneyland Paris. -Credit:Sophia Kimitri-McElroy/SWNS

A one-year-old was left in fits of laughter while experiencing his first roller coaster ride. The hilarious moment was caught on camera as Cruz Kimitri-McElroy sat on his dad's lap during a trip on the Slinky Dog ride at Disneyland Paris.

Earlier this month, his parents Simon McElroy and Sophia-Kimitri McElroy had taken him and his sister Ariana to Disneyland.

Cruz's reaction on his first-ever roller coaster ride left his parents in shock when he started laughing uncontrollably. Sophie, from Weston-super-Mare, said: "We were like what the hell? We might need to take him on some more rides now."

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She added: "We thought he would be a bit confused but he wouldn't stop laughing."

The 34-year-old was amazed at Cruz's unexpected reaction:"We didn't expect him to love it that much. It was hysterical."

Reflecting on other children's responses, she further added, "We saw some other kids who weren't as impressed with the ride, so I'm glad I had the kid that loved it."

The video was uploaded by Sophia onto her social media account (@houseofmcelroy), where it quickly racked up more than 300K views.