Baby Chimpanzee Enjoys Cuddles With Mother and Sister

A baby chimpanzee enjoyed cuddles with his mother and sister in Monarto Safari Park, South Australia, on Wednesday, February 23, footage released by the zoo showed.

Footage from the chimpanzee enclosure at the park shows Happy, a three-month-old chimpanzee, being looked after by mother Hannah and sister Hope.

Senior keeper of primates Laura Hanley said that Happy, who was born on December 21, was settling into the zoo’s chimpanzee troop well.

“In this video you can see he is starting to have a bit of free time to build strength and coordination. He is also focusing more and really intrigued by Hannah and his sister Hope," Hanley said, "It’s been amazing to see him growing and developing each day.”

Happy and Hope were both named by the renowned ethologist Jane Goodall, the zoo said. Credit: Zoos SA via Storyful

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