Baby in coma after gran accidentally mixes wine into powdered milk

Milk powder
The boy's grandma mistook a wine bottle for his dark-coloured feeding bottle -Credit:Getty Images/Image Source

A four-month-old baby is in a coma after his grandmother accidentally mixed wine into his powdered milk. The incident occurred when the elderly woman, from Francavilla Fontana in Brindisi, southern Italy, mistook a bottle of wine for the baby's dark-coloured water bottle while preparing his feed.

The infant drank some of the milk and wine mixture before refusing to drink more. Upon realising her mistake, the grandmother rushed the baby to Perrino Hospital where he received immediate treatment and had his stomach pumped.

He was later transferred to the Giovanni paediatric hospital in Bari, where he remains in intensive care, reports the Mirror.

Local reports suggest the baby's condition is stable and improving, and his life is not currently considered to be in danger. Authorities are aware of the incident and are reviewing the baby's medical records to determine whether criminal charges should be pursued.

In 2021 two women narrowly escaped imprisonment after filming a shocking video which appeared to show them giving a toddler wine. The horrifying footage reported by the Record at the time showed one lady pressing a glass bottle towards the mouth of an 18-month-old child.

The unsettling scene was filmed on January 20, 2020, in Midlothian, near Edinburgh, where the baby's head appears to be forcefully pushed back as she's made to take a drink from the bottle.

The camera subsequently closes in on the distressed toddler's face, which has been kept anonymous, and the subsequent jerk of her head backwards shadows a disturbing cry. Both women in their 20s stood before Edinburgh Sheriff Court facing charges related to child protection.

Sheriff Alistair Noble said despite initial assumptions regarding feeding alcohol to the baby, the pair accepted a lesser charge due to lack of evidence substantiating the more severe abuse allegations. They both confessed to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by manufacturing the video.

During sentencing, Sheriff Noble said: "Plainly you have pled guilty to a charge which is much different to the charge you originally faced. You have each pled guilty to a charge of threatening and abusive behaviour essentially involving the creation of a video appearing to show (the mum's child) drinking alcohol although there is no suggestion it was, in fact, alcohol she was given to drink."

The pair admitted causing members of the public to be "concerned and distressed" by the nature of the video. The lawyer argued "custody wasn't justified" for the offence.

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