Baby Formula Scarce at Salt Lake City Supermarket Amid Nationwide Shortage

Footage from Salt Lake City, Utah, showed supermarket shelves nearly empty of baby formula as the FDA worked to ease a nationwide shortage of the staple.

Video posted to Instagram by the group Utahzolanos shows empty shelves at a Walmart store in Salt Lake City on May 15, they told Storyful.

On Monday, the FDA and Abbott Laboratories reached an agreement to reopen a shuttered Abbott facility and resume production of baby formula to ease the shortage. The Sturgis, Michigan, factory was shut down in February after an investigation into the deaths of two infants led to the discovery of cronobacter, a deadly bacteria, in the formula plant.

The agreement said production would resume “within two weeks,” which would translate to formula on the shelves in “six to eight weeks.” Credit: Utahzolanos via Storyful