Baby goats at Scottish farm jumping on trampoline seen in 'precious' viral video

An American tourist has shared a "precious" video of baby goats jumping on a trampoline at a Scottish farm that has since been viewed more than 160,000 times.

Jess Austin, 24, was visiting Farm Ness near Inverness on Wednesday when she spotted a group of three small goats playing. The animals, which are each coloured white, brown, and black, can be seen climbing up a ramp onto a trampoline before jumping on it together.

Austin, from Illinois in the United States, was quick to share the adorable clip onto her TikTok page. Since being shared on Wednesday evening, the video has been viewed 164,000 times and has received more than 29,000 likes.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she commented: "Farm Ness was absolutely amazing! It was so incredible to see how things such as children’s play is universal across species. I’d recommend this farm to anyone wanting to see some happy animals!"

The TikTok also has more than 140 comments, with TikTok users quick to share their thoughts on the "precious" footage.

Baby goats playing at Farm Ness
The footage of the three goats playing on the trampoline is absolutely adorable -Credit:Jess Austin

One happy commenter wrote: "It means something to me on a very deep level that children playing is a universal experience across species. Look at how much fun they’re having together!"

"This is so precious," a second added, while a third echoed: "They’re sooo cute."

Meanwhile, another noticed: "The cloud in the background looks like a baby goat."

Farm Ness is a small farm shop and farm play park situated around two miles outside of Inverness, running from the banks of Loch Ness to the city boundary. As well as goats, it is also home to animals such as alpacas, woolly pigs and Highland cows.

Meanwhile, the farm also offers various activities for children including large sand pits, pedal tractors, a bale mountain, and more. It is also home to the "Highlands' first Air Bouncer", according to its website.

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