This baby name is giving 'retro chic' vibes and it's predicted to be a top choice for parents in 2024 – would you choose it?

 Shot of an adorable baby girl at home.
Shot of an adorable baby girl at home.

Parents-to-be will no doubt rifling through the endless lists of baby names for their new addition before they arrive – and this one is predicted to be a popular choice for 2024. 

Choosing a name for your baby comes with all sorts of emotional weight – cool baby names might give your kid a popular edge, but if you’re expecting in December, finding the most popular festive baby names might suit the time of year perfectly.

You certainly won’t be short of inspiration. Girls' names, in particular, tend to go in and out of fashion compared to the more timeless options for boys, such as Thomas, Henry, Samuel and George.

Expectant parents will know all too well how difficult it is to find the perfect name for their baby, so to help narrow the search, we’ve kept an eye on the top baby names trends for the year ahead.

One name that’s predicted to be a top choice for parents in 2024 is Nellie. Derived from the names Eleanor or Helen, it shares its origins with Nelly, which has roots in different languages, including Greek and French.

Eleanor comes from the Provençal name Aliénor, derived from the Greek name Helenē, meaning light or torch. Over time, Nellie emerged as an affectionate and shortened version of these longer names.

The name Nellie has been climbing in popularity since 2022, and is up 121 places from parents naming their child this sweet-sounding moniker, according to data from BabyCenter.

Portrait of a lovely Asian baby girl smiling sweetly while lying on the crib
Portrait of a lovely Asian baby girl smiling sweetly while lying on the crib

According to parenting and fertility site The Bump, the name Nellie has a “whimsically divine vibe” and “exudes nostalgic charm”, so if you’re on the hunt for a name that adds a sense of individuality for your baby girl, this could be the one.

Whimsical baby names often stray from traditional choices, embracing uniqueness, creativity and even a touch of fantasy. They might draw inspiration from nature, mythology, literature or even fictional characters, so if you’re considering Nellie – or any other whimsical name – make sure it resonates with both parents.

Other baby name trends to watch for 2024 are girls names for boys, atmospheric names such as Aura, Lumi and Rain, and ‘main character energy’ names, according to Nameberry. 

Personal preferences, the sound of the name, its uniqueness and potential teasing or mispronunciations are also factors to think about when naming your baby, so take your time and really think about how it will sound in years to come.

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