Baby Reindeer film speculation grows as real-life Martha threatens Stephen King

The woman accused of being the real-life Baby Reindeer stalker has told Stephen King she's ready to sue him if he tries to create a film of the Netflix sensation.

King is a huge fan of the show and, after becoming hooked, wrote a whole "essay" on the twisted drama. As reported by the Mirror, that has naturally sparked speculation that something else could be forthcoming.

The woman who writer Richard Gadd based the show on has been thrust into the spotlight after being identified by internet detectives as the muse for the character Martha in the series.

The Scot, who is now understood to reside in London, says she has received "death threats as a result of his show". She also claims the Netflix series "is a gross intrusion into my privacy".

She added: "I don't want people to know where I live but I will not be silenced."

She has been posting regular rants on her Facebook page, and says she is the real victim. American author Stephen is the latest to take the brunt of her online attacks and sent him a warning if he plans to get the wheels in motion for a second instalment.

Richard Gadd starred as Donny in the series
Richard Gadd starred as Donny in the series -Credit:Ed Miller/Netflix

She told him: "If this twerp Stephen ding dong King tries to do a movie horror killer dear I'm suing him. Point blank." She went on: "I mean, Gadd will hop to the idea."

In Baby Reindeer, Martha is played by actress Jessica Gunning. In another tirade on Wednesday, she also accused Richard of being "obsessed with being famous" - and slammed him for not reporting his rape to police. She also says she is about to tell all, and teased to her followers: "Doing a major TV appearance next week....Who is ready?"

The chilling tale of Baby Reindeer dates back a decade when Gadd was making waves on the UK comedy scene with shows like Breaking Gadd, Waiting for Gaddot, and Monkey See Monkey Do. Yet, behind the scenes of his rising fame, Gadd was living through a nightmare. An obsessive fan began to hound the comedian after he innocently offered her a free cup of tea while working, triggering a relentless harassment campaign.

Speaking to the Record, she says her life has been flipped on its head due to the comedian's dramatised retelling, and ironically, has been stalked since Baby Reindeer became an overnight success and captured the nation's interest.

She said: "I'm the victim here, not Richard Gadd. I've had death threats as a result of his show despite the fact that a lot of the things he claimed are just not true. Someone online said, 'If I find you I will kill you'. A guy in North Carolina said that he and other people were going to stalk me like I am supposed to have stalked Gadd."

She went on: "I don't think I look like that woman actress playing Martha."

Her comments come as a police investigation is launched after fans of Gadd mistakenly identified someone as the comedian's sexual abuser, resulting in a flood of online harassment and threats. In the fourth episode of the seven-part series, viewers are given a graphic portrayal of Gadd's character, Donny, being sexually abused by a fictional male TV writer named Darrien.

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