The Bachelor fans shocked by Joey’s ‘curveball’ elimination of early favourite

The Bachelor fans shocked by Joey’s ‘curveball’ elimination of early favourite

The Bachelor fans were completely taken by surprise after Joey Graziadei made the “curveball” decision to eliminate Jenn over Rachel.

During the latest episode – released on 26 February – the six women left vying for Joey’s heart were put under immense stress as they tried to stay safe from elimination.

Going into the week, 25-year-old Jenn from Miami, Florida, was feeling insecure about where she and Joey were at, given that she’d only been on one one-on-one date with him.

“Every woman here has already had a one-on-one with Joey. Not everyone is gonna get a second one-on-one,” she told the cameras, “and so I think that validation, that reassurance, that he does want to keep spending time with you and really get to that next level, it would mean everything.”

Joey ultimately chose to take Daisy and Kelsey A on another one-on-one date, making the other four women feel less secure about their connection with him.

Just before the evening’s rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer informed the women that Joey wouldn’t be hosting a cocktail party. The party typically offers Joey a quick moment of alone time with each woman, allowing them to express their feelings.

Palmer later told Entertainment Weekly that Joey likely cancelled the party because he didn’t want “to leave the door open to second-guessing. He took a stand, trusted himself, and was decisive.”

Since Kelsey A and Daisy had already received roses during their one-on-one dates with Joey, there were only two roses remaining, which he confidently gave to Rachel and Maria, leaving Kelsey T and Jenn to pack their bags.

While it seemed likely to a majority of fans that Maria would remain in the competition – Joey has continuously expressed his physical and emotional attraction for the 29-year-old Canadian – Rachel was a shock to many.

“Nobody in this household thought Rachel over Jenn. Wow. Curveball,” one fan tweeted.

“I don’t see the chemistry with him & Rachel,” a second opined, with a third arguing: “Sounds like the producers of #TheBachelor LOVE a plot twist more than the contestants love finding love.”

“That was the coldest elimination I have ever seen. He didn’t even walk them out. COLD,” observed another.

The next week of the show will see Joey meet the families of all four of the final women – Daisy, Rachel, Kelsey A and Maria.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm PT/ET on ABC and is available to stream the following day on Hulu.