The Bachelor: Lauren throws cake and self-eliminates in shocking episode two finale

The Bachelor: Lauren throws cake and self-eliminates in shocking episode two finale

28-year-old Lauren from Philadelphia made the decision to end her journey on The Bachelor early.

During the second episode of season 28, which aired on Monday (29 January), Lauren, the older sister of fellow contestant Allison, made the shocking announcement that she was bowing out of the competition.

After waiting the entire night to speak with Joey, she sat down with him and told him that she was in a “bad mood” about the delay.

In an anti-climatic moment, she told him that she would be leaving the show. “If my dad were still here, he would’ve told me not to go on this show,” she says in anger after smashing an entire cake to the ground.

Earlier in the night, Lauren was invited to join Joey and seven other women on the first group date. Dressed in wedding gowns, the women met with Joey and celebrated a group wedding reception.

After the group date, Lauren opened up to Joey about the tough emotions that the fake wedding reception had brought up. She told him that she had recently lost her father, and celebrating a fake wedding reminded her that he wouldn’t be around to celebrate at her actual wedding.

Later that evening, Daisy won the first one-on-one date with Joey, taking a helicopter ride to a music festival in Los Angeles.

Last week, 32 women were welcomed to the Bachelor mansion during the premiere. However, 10 contestants were sent home. Find out who has left the mansion here.

Joey and Lauren on ‘The Bachelor’ (Disney)
Joey and Lauren on ‘The Bachelor’ (Disney)

In a recent interview with E! News, Joey opened up about the forthcoming Fantasy Suites episode, admitting that it was a “very tough position to be in”.

The Fantasy Suites episode typically comes after the Tell All episode, which reunites the Bachelor with the women he’s already sent home. It’s a time for the Bachelor to spend the night with each of the three final women one-on-one, without the cameras and microphones. The episodes have often been the most dramatic of each season.

“I was kind of warned about that, I’ve heard it in the past,” Joey said about the online chatter that frequently comes from fans after the Fantasy Suites episode.

“And for me I just tried my best to, again, be aware that I was going to hopefully be watching this back with my forever person,” he continued.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC beginning at 5pm PT/8pm ET, with episodes available to stream on Hulu the next day.