Bacon butty named Britain's favourite sandwich

This poll has left us feeling very hungry. (Getty Images)
This poll has left us feeling very hungry. (Getty Images)

When it comes to sandwich fillings, is there anything us Brits love more than the humble bacon butty?

According to a recent poll, the answer is no, no there is not.

The versatility of this much-loved sandwich will surely have something to do with its popularity. Transcending generations, it can be acceptably eaten at all times of the day. That’s what we’re all looking for in a good sandwich.

While the bacon butty top spot might’ve left many unsurprised, some of the other top 30 sandwiches are certainly up for debate.

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Other sandwiches that feature highly on the poll - commissioned by Warburtons - included egg mayonnaise in second place and sausage in third.

Perhaps a little more surprisingly, egg and cress - which seems to be a love it or hate it sandwich - snuck into the top ten in tenth spot.

We might think that our likes stay pretty consistent throughout our lifetimes, but the poll of 2,000 people would suggest otherwise.

The same research was conducted in 2018 with differing results. Namely, the basic plain cheese sandwich topped the charts. This year, it was relegated to 17th place.

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It’s not just about the filling of the sandwich, either. As every lockdown bread baker will attest, the bread can make all the difference.

“White, medium sliced bread with the crusts left on and cut into squares,” was the nation’s favourite choice. We’re a specific bunch.

A Warburtons spokesperson rightly noted that some of our usual habits might be skewed in light of the lockdown restrictions.

“It's interesting to see bacon top the list as we're all craving comforting, simple and hearty meals as social distancing continues.”

The top ten reflects this change in attitude, with classic British sandwiches like ham and cheese and chicken and stuffing favoured by the nation during this time.

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Then there comes the very important addition of condiments. Many sandwiches simply don’t work without a solid condiment accompaniment.

Mayonnaise clinched top spot with 55% of the vote whereas pickle came in second with 40% and ketchup in third with 37%.

Some random choices also made their way into the list, with the likes of sriracha or a drop of Tabasco being favoured by 6% of us.

Top 30 sandwiches

1. Bacon

2. Egg mayonnaise

3. Sausage

4. Cheese and pickle

5. Tuna and mayonnaise

6. Ham and cheese

7. Cheese and tomato

8. Chicken and bacon

9. Chicken and stuffing

10. Egg and cress

11. BLT

12. Fish fingers

13. Prawn salad

14. Tuna and sweetcorn

15. Smoked salmon and cream cheese

16. Ham, cheese and pickle

17. Plain cheese

18. Tuna and cucumber

19. Corned beef

20. Coronation chicken

21. Crisps

22. Ploughman's

23. Ham salad

24. Ham and mustard

25. Brie and bacon

26. Salmon

27. Beef and horseradish

28. Chicken tikka

29. Pulled pork

30. Roast beef salad