Baffled Scots EasyJet passenger told to fly to Mallorca after London flight cancelled

The flight was cancelled.
-Credit: (Image: TikTok)

A Scots EasyJet passenger was left baffled after the airline told them to fly to Mallorca after their London to Edinburgh flight was cancelled.

Customers had made their way to London Gatwick Airport for the evening flight back to the Scottish capital on Sunday, July 7.

But after several delays, passengers who were due to travel on flight U2811 were told their flight was cancelled and offered the detour to Mallorca.

After being contacted by Edinburgh Live, easyJet apologised and admitted the option they provided was unsuitable.

Posting on TikTok, Sarah explained the whole ordeal as her sister was one of the impacted passengers. She said the journey would have taken 11 hours in total, causing her sister to decline the offer.

She said: "This is a message for whoever was working on the desk of the easyJet flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh last night.

"So my little sister had come down to London for a long weekend and she was supposed to travel back to Edinburgh last night. Her flight was at 9pm and it was delayed by five minutes all day.

"It gets to like 10pm, her departure time. She's looking at the board, and there is a notification that comes up saying 'Please go to the gate for more information'.

"She goes to the gate, loads of angry people and someone looks her dead in the face and says 'Your flight's been cancelled, but I can offer you a detour - a flight to Mallorca, a six-hour stop in Mallorca - and then a flight to Edinburgh.

"It would have taken her 11 hours in total. They said it with a dead serious look on their face, how do they not understand how ridiculous that sounds?

"Like any common sense? An 11-hour stop-over in Mallorca? Anyway, she got a train back, that's another hundred quid."

Bosses at easyJet have confirmed the cancellation was due to the impact of air traffic control delays.

A spokesperson said: "We are sorry that these flights between London Gatwick and Edinburgh on 7 July could not operate due to the impact of air traffic control delays leading to crew reaching their maximum safety regulated operating hours.

“While this was outside of our control, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and provided hotel accommodation and meals as well as a refund or rebooking options through our self-service tool, which is designed to help customers rebook quickly and easily for free, providing direct and indirect flights depending on availability.

They added: "While indirect routing can work well for a lot of our network, particularly in Europe, we understand that on this occasion the option provided was not suitable.

"However, customers also have the option to book with another carrier if suitable easyJet flights are not available and we will reimburse them.”

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