Bailee Madison teases 'Pretty Little Liars: Summer School' is gay, gay, gay & we're THRILLED

Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison

PLL stans... rise up!

Bailee Madison is just as excited for the new season of Pretty Little Liars as much as the diehard fans are.

Rebranded as Pretty Little Liars: Summer School for its second season, the show will put all of our favorite characters into a new world of drama.

While walking the carpet for the Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party, Madison chatted with PRIDE and showed her gratitude that so many fans are loving the PLL reboot.

"I'm an OG fan! I really desperately wanted the OG fans to be happy. The fact that they embraced it... we got to go back and film an amazing season. I'm so thrilled," Madison says.

The first season had incredible LGBTQ+ representation, but it looks like there's even more juicy queer storylines coming up in future episodes.

"Wait 'til this season! It's filled with so much heart. It's filled with so much love. It's done with pure honesty and love! There's an episode specifically... you're going to love it."

Catch up on the first season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin now on HBO Max. To see the full interview with Bailee Madison, check out the video below.

Bailee Madison Says 'Pretty Little Liars: Summer School' is Very Queer