'Great British Bake Off' Week 4: Mexican Week double elimination spices up the tent

Great British Bake Off stars Paul Hollywood, Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas and Prue Leith.
The Great British Bake Off held it's first Mexican Week in the tent. (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off featured a spicy twist to Mexican Week with both Rebs and James sent home in a double elimination.

Masters student Rebs, 23, burst into tears and had to be consoled by judge Prue Leith, while 25-year-old nuclear scientist James laughed it off.

As Rebs sobbed, Leith gave her a hug and told her, "It's only cake."

Bake Off contestant Rebs (Channel 4)
Student Rebs sad she was 'devastated' to be leaving Bake Off in Week 4. (Channel 4)

The student said: "I'm honestly devastated, this means the world to me.

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"Bakes Off's been a fabulous experience, I didn't want it to be this short. I'm gutted for James as well - he's a fabulous person."

James quipped: "I think it went wrong across the board - they asked for Mexican and I've given them Mexi-can't!"

Bake Off contestant  James (Channel 4)
James joked it had been Mexi-can't Week for him in the tent. (Channel 4)

Rebs, James and supermarket cashier Carole, 59, all came bottom of a Mexican Technical Challenge in which they were tasked with making steak tacos with guacamole.

This prompted outrage from many viewers on social media, who ranted: "It's a baking show, not a cooking show!"

And while James' conchas were criticised by Paul Hollywood for being, "too dry", the judge told Rebs, that her sweet bread rolls, "look like you've sat on them!"

Bake Off contestant  Rebs
Paul Hollywood said Rebs' Mexican bread rolls looked like she'd sat on them. (Channel 4)

But it was their decorative tres leche cakes that really let the pair down. The milk-soaked sponges made them difficult to stack and they were both criticised for not making them look good enough.

Hollywood told Rebs: "It is rustic, and you've got a bit of leakage down there."

Leith told her: "The filling is too much - it needs less tequila and quite a lot less chilli."

Bake Off contestant James and host Matt Lucas.
Paul Hollywood told James he had attempted too much. (Channel 4)

Both judges enjoyed James' flavours, but Hollywood said: "Over all you attempted too much - none of it is neat enough."

Meanwhile, Maxy was Star Baker for the second time in the competition.

Bake Off contestant Maxy

The 29-year-old architectural assistant said: "I'm dancing right now!

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"This has really given me confidence. I never thought I'd come to the tent and get two Star Bakers. That's crazy."

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