'Great British Bake Off' semi-final 2022: Patisserie week's biggest moments

Abdul, Sandro, Syabira & Janusz
Bake Off's semi-finalists Abdul, Sandro, Syabira and Janusz. (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off 2022's final is within touching distance and this week, the four semi-finalists were all desperate to rise to the occasion.

But with great ambition comes great risk, as some of them discovered the hard way in patisserie week.

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A signature bake of mini Charlottes, a technical challenge of vertical tarts, and a showstopper biscuit sculpture all tested the bakers' skills to their limits - here's what went down in the tent this week.

The Great British Bake Off 2022 semi-final's biggest moments

Has Prue Leith never heard of PB&J?

Paul & Prue
Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. (Channel 4)

Syabira might be known for pulling off unusual flavours, but there was nothing too outlandish about pairing peanut butter with strawberry and blackberry in her signature Charlottes, which seemed a clear nod to the classic combo of peanut butter and jam.

However, the concept seemed lost on Prue Leith, who repeatedly labelled the choice "weird" and questioned whether Syabira would manage to make it work.

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Of course, during tasting it turned out that the flavours went pretty well together - who would have thought it?

Syabira commented: "Prue said it was unusual but it does go together. What does she mean by unusual? I think that's a good thing?"

Sandro makes a rookie technical mistake

Sandro had a nightmare in the technical. (Channel 4)

Naturally, tensions were running high in the semi-final technical, but poor Sandro made some rookie errors in his keenness to come first.

He was aiming for his third technical win in a row, but misread the instructions by cutting his mousse circles in half height-wise, rather than into semi-circles.

Compounding the problem, Sandro failed to look around the tent and copy what everyone else was doing, realising just in time what he should have done but ending up with a messy upright tart as a result.

He said: "I'm holding back my tears here."

Sandro did manage to turn out a full set of tarts cut in the right direction, but sadly came last.

He said: "That was really confusing. My comprehension - I could work on that a little bit."

Syabira reaches new heights

Syabira was aiming high. (Channel 4)

In the showstopper, Syabira had lofty plans in mind as she attempted to build a towering biscuit structure.

However, the baker is not the tallest in the tent by some stretch, so out came a step ladder and a measuring tape to aid her endeavours.

As host Noel Fielding noted as he looked up to Syabira for once: "What a different life it would be if you were that tall."

Krokan - Bake Off's toughest challenge yet?

Paul & Prue
The judges set the toughest challenge yet. (Channel 4)

Regular viewers will be used to the yearly biscuit structure challenge of biscuit week, but judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith went one step up this week by asking the contestants to make a krokan - a Swedish wedding centrepiece made of almond biscuit.

It was one of the toughest challenges the tent has ever seen, leading the usually precise Janusz to fall short of the mark for once with the final look of his Brighton Pride themed bake.

Sandro aimed high with his Africa and London themed structure, noting: "They always underestimate me. I'm going for perfection."

However, he had a last minute disaster when part of his sugar decoration fell to the floor, although Hollywood and Leith said the biscuit was delicious.

Meanwhile, Abdul and Syabira achieved stunning creations - Abdul with an intricate and colourful rocket, and Syabira with a jaw-dropping double helix.

The Great British Bake Off's final airs on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.