Bakery says 'we are all human' as it makes emotional plea over long queues

A much-loved Aigburth bakery has issued a plea to its customers.

Lunko, found on Little Parkfield Road, just off Lark Lane, posted to its Instagram to let customers know the sole social media manager would be taking a break from their role for their mental health.

The news comes after negative comments were left concerning the length of time customers were queuing outside the bakery. The business said it “hasn’t been easy starting from scratch” and it has “explored all possible options to reduce waiting times”.

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The bakery is the first venue from married couple Adelina Blanaru and Marius Dogaru. Originally from Romania, they moved to Kirkby in 2015, after briefly living in Paris while Marius trained as a pastry chef.

Since launching, the bakery said it has even made “personal sacrifices” to satisfy customers and opened extra days during the week to allow everyone to get their hands on baked treats.

Despite a few negative reactions to the queues, our reporter Emilia Bona said it was well worth the wait. She visited the L17 store after it began to go viral on TikTok.

The shop is open three days a week
The shop is open three days a week -Credit:Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

She opted for an iced mocha with oat milk and a pistachio croissant. Emilia said she had no regrets “despite waiting in a queue that spanned the length of the street and forking out £13.50 for three items."

Lunko’s full statement

“I want to let you know that as the sole manager of our social media, I won't be able to respond to your messages for a while. I am very grateful for everyone who visits our bakery and supports us, but I need a break from social media for my own mental health.

“We are all human, including myself, Marius and everyone else working here.

“This bakery is the result of years of hard work, and starting from scratch hasn't been easy. In fact we have dealt with more challenges that anyone reading this message could probably imagine. We are aware of the comments about the queues on Google, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and even Reddit.

Lunko bakery queues in Aigburth on September 22, 2023
Lunko bakery queues in Aigburth on September 22, 2023 -Credit:ECHO/Colin Lane

“We have explored all possible options to reduce waiting times. Weekends are very busy, which is why we've opened extra days during the week when it's quieter.

“Our bakers work tirelessly to ensure a good selection until at least 2pm. We are literally baking an army of pastries. We go above and beyond to ensure that once customers reach the counter, they have the best possible experience with our customer service and products.

“We serve one customer per minute on average. Each ingredient we use, from the milk to the flour, to the chai has been carefully researched and chosen specifically because we think it's one of the best.

“Our staff are incredibly talented and skilled and they strive to become even better each day. This is a business based on dedication, true love for pastries and coffee, as well as continuous improvement.

“Please know that we are trying our best. Our goal is to bring happiness to people, even if at times this means making personal sacrifices.

“Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support.”

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