Bald dog that baffled Yorkshire rescue workers is looking for a new home

A dog which was left without fur due to a rare condition has been put up for adoption in Yorkshire.

Four-year-old Patch is thought to be a boxer breed, and has no fur due to a severe reaction to dust mites and birch pollen. His previous owners had to give him up after being unable to manage treatments for his condition and he has since been taken in by the RSPCA.

However, staff were left baffled for months as they tried to figure out exactly what was causing their balding.

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Now, after discovering the cause, they hope to find Patch a new home, and describe him as a "wonderful boy with so much love to give".

Four-year-old boxer Patch—who has no fur—is looking for a home
Four-year-old boxer Patch—who has no fur—is looking for a home -Credit:© RSPCA

Fay Gibbons, from the Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch of the RSPCA which looked after him, said: "Poor Patch has a severe allergy to dust mites and birch pollen, and his skin gets incredibly itchy and sore.

"He’s been with us for over six months now while tests established what was causing his skin irritation. It’s a relief we now know what it is and we have a treatment plan in place.

"Thankfully, he’s responding well to his medication and his fur is even starting to grow back; very slowly!"

Now, Patch takes allergy tablets every day and he needs high-quality flea treatment every month. His carers have also found that rinsing his skin off after any walks helps to remove the irritable pollen.

Patch with an officer at the RSPCA
Patch with an officer at the RSPCA -Credit:© RSPCA© SWNS

In addition, he needs medicated baths, especially during warmer weather, weekly. He also needs sun cream when he goes out on walks.

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Fay added: "Patch is such a wonderful boy; he’s sweet and kind, with so much love to give.

"Taking on any dog is a huge responsibility and a big financial commitment, but Patch’s new owners will need to be aware of the added costs of managing his allergies. His care plan can change from season to season and will depend on how his condition improves with time - but our team will help any potential adopters with this.

"Patch is also quite the model and has his own wardrobe of special jumpers which he wears during the colder weather to keep him warm!"

Thankfully for Patch, he enjoys his baths and he loves being stroked and petted while his sun cream is applied. He spent time in the centre's office and is always clean indoors, so the carers believe he has been house trained.

Four-year-old boxer Patch
Four-year-old boxer Patch -Credit:© RSPCA© SWNS

However, Patch does not enjoy spending any time with other dogs or cats and the team say they would like him to go to an adult-only home.

Fay added: "Patch loves the company of people so he’d like someone who is based at home and has lots of time to spend with him. He’s very playful and loves his toys; he often takes them out and carries them around on walks with him like a comforter.

"He loves to snorkel for treats in the paddling pool and is one of the goofiest dogs we’ve ever had; he’s always getting up to cheeky antics and making us all giggle!

"He is such a special boy and we really hope people aren’t put off by his unique appearance. He’s such a lovely lad and he really deserves a loving new home."