Balmoral Castle tours sell out in 24 hours

The first tickets released to the public to tour the late Queen's favourite residence, Balmoral Castle, have sold out in 24 hours.

King Charles opened Balmoral to the public on Wednesday - and the tours will give visitors a glimpse into the Royal Family home.

Tickets were sold from a starting price of £100 and £150 for the tour with afternoon tea.

Guided tours will take place between 1 July and 4 August before the King and Queen arrive back to their residence for their summer vacations.

Only 40 tickets were made available per day - with tours restricted to groups of 10 people.

Those who visit the castle have been promised "a historical journey through several of the beautiful rooms within Balmoral Castle", and the chance to "travel through time" from the Victorian era to the present day, according to the tour's publicity materials.

It went on to describe Balmoral as "the much-loved and celebrated Highland home of the Royal Family".

Visitors have previously only been able to visit the ballroom and the grounds of the castle, which were completed in 1855 and bought by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The castle was the last place Queen Elizabeth II was photographed when she met former Conservative Party leader and then prime minister Liz Truss.

Just two days later, on 8 September, the Queen died.

The Royal Family have also opened up the East Wing balcony room at Buckingham Palace for tours this summer.

The East Wing includes the front facade of the historic building and features the famous central balcony, where the monarch and members of the Royal Family have gathered for public appearances during special occasions or historic moments.