Banana storage hack keeps fruit fresh and yellow for up to 26 days - and it's so simple

fresh bananas on the brown table
Bananas can go brown quickly if not stored properly -Credit:Getty

A genius food storage tip has surfaced that promises to keep bananas fresh and free from blemishes for nearly a month.

This revolutionary advice is particularly beneficial for those staple kitchen items like bananas that tend to ripen and spoil quickly. If you find your bananas often degrade into a brown mush before you get the chance to enjoy them, chances are you're not storing them correctly.

Luckily, a savvy storage expert has come forward with a brilliant method to maintain the freshness of bananas for an impressive 26 days. This technique stands out from the usual recommendations of using cling film, aluminium foil, or damp paper towels, reports the Mirror.

Amy Cross, who operates the TikTok account @amycrosslegacy, is known for her practical advice on purchasing, cleaning, and storing common fruits and vegetables. She recently divulged her unique jar strategy for keeping bananas "fresh longer".

In her TikTok demonstration, Amy shows how she keeps chopped banana segments, peel intact, in a sealed glass mason jar in her refrigerator. To prove its effectiveness, she posted a follow-up 26 days later, revealing the banana still as pristine as when it was first stored, with the skin showing no signs of discolouration.

In her video update, she confirms: "These are the bananas I purchased on March 13 and I cut this into thirds and put it into a jar, so they're 26 days old."

Expressing her amazement at the result, she continues: "So the whole goal of putting the bananas in the jar was to see if I can get a cut banana to last 12 hours and it's been 26 days."

If you're not a fan of slicing your bananas, it's advised to store them in a cool, shaded area. Bananas should be kept at around 12 degrees, as they'll ripen faster if they're too warm.

A dim room without direct sunlight is ideal, so a warm kitchen isn't the best place for your bananas.

For those who wish to store peeled bananas, the juice trick is recommended, as once a banana has been cut and exposed to air, it will quickly turn brown. Just sprinkle some lemon juice or pineapple juice on them - this works particularly well in fruit salads.

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