Banksy Margate Valentine’s Day artwork to move to new location

Banksy’s latest artwork will move to Dreamland Margate after several changes to its original form.

The elusive street artist confirmed on Tuesday (14 February) that he was the person responsible for the mural.

Named Valentine’s day mascara, the piece depicts a smiling Fifties housewife, complete with pinafore and yellow washing-up gloves, pushing her male partner into a chest freezer.

Upon closer inspection, the housewife can be seen to have a chipped tooth and a bruised eye.

Since its installation, the real freezer that originally sat in front of the wall the piece is painted on has been removed at least twice.

Initially, a spokesperson for Thanet District Council told The Independent that the freezer had been “removed by council operatives on the grounds of safety as it was on public land”.

Now, it has been announced that the piece will move to Kent amusement park, Dreamland.

In a statement, Dreamland CEO Eddie Kemsley spoke of her enthusiasm about the park’s acquisition of the artwork.

“The arrival of Banksy’s latest artwork in Margate has caused a real stir,” she explained.

“Everyone in the town is really excited that he has chosen Margate as the location for his latest work, and the fact that he is highlighting such an important issue only makes it more important.

Banksy mural - Valentine’s day mascara, without the freezer (PA)
Banksy mural - Valentine’s day mascara, without the freezer (PA)

“Imagine our surprise when we got a call asking if we would be able to host the artwork,” her statement continued.

“We jumped at the chance to help ensure that the piece could remain accessible and within the community.”

The message went on to say that the exact details were still being confirmed, but the park organisers are planning to “work closely with the team of qualified experts to find a suitable location, where the public can enjoy this brilliant new addition to the Margate art scene”.

As reported by BBC, the deal will allow them to display the mural for 12 months, but the park hopes for an extension.