Is Banksy About To Reveal Secret Pop-Up Street Art Show In Weston-Super-Mare?

Is Banksy about to host a secret pop-up street art show in Weston-super-Mare?

That’s the rumour doing the rounds - as it’s claimed that the elusive guerilla artist is getting set to open an exhibition called ‘Dismaland’ at a disused outdoor swimming pool in the Somerset resort.

His latest show - which appears to be a sinister twist on Disneyland - is expected to be made public later this week.

Work on the rumoured stunt is taking place at the Tropicana, a former lido.

Banksy, who’s been previously named as former public schoolboy Robin Gunningham, has reportedly kept it under wraps by pretending the site was being used as a film location.

The area was reportedly closed off because Hollywood film producers Atlas Entertainment were filming a crime thriller called Grey Fox there.

Signs reading 'Crew Notice Grey Fox Productions’ were put up to ward off curious passersby.

Information about the blockbuster states that it will be directed by Declan Whitebloom and is due to be released in September next year.

But no cameramen or runners have been spotted on the site in recent days. 

Photographs show that a derelict pink castle and a metal sculpture of a horse have been placed on the Tropicana site along with artwork.

But further rumours started flying after Holly Cushing, who is believed to be Banksy’s manager, was reportedly spotted at the site earlier this month.

A woman thought to be Ms Cushing - who is named as an executive producer on Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film about Banksy - was seen holding a coffee and chatting to security as she made her way into the building. 

Financial records also reportedly show that she also set up a limited company called Dismaland Ltd with Simon Durban, who is thought to be Banksy’s accountant, on May 1.

Sculptures on the site appear to include a petrol tanker bent into an ’S’ shape and a metal sculpture of a horse.

The exhibition is believed to be opening to the public on Friday, a source alleged North Somerset Council said as far as it knew Grey Fox was being filmed there.

If true, it would mean Banksy is trying to copy his 2009 tactic of when he hosted his ‘Banksy v Bristol Museum’ show. 

No-one, including the majority of staff, knew that the exhibition was being held until the doors were thrown open.

(All pictures credited to SWNS)