Barbarian star Georgina Campbell lands next movie role

georgina campbell
Barbarian's Georgina Campbell lands next film roleAlberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

Barbarian, Krypton and Broadchurch star Georgina Campbell has landed herself a new role. The actress, who received acclaim for her lead role in last year's surprise horror hit, will appear in supernatural thriller The Watchers.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Campbell will star opposite War of the Worlds and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Dakota Fanning, who leads as an artist named Mina who gets stranded in a forest in Ireland, far away from civilisation and untouched by humanity.

There she bumps into three strangers, one played by Campbell, who are all being stalked by a mysterious creature once night descends.

georgina campbell
Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

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The film will be directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan, and as you might have guessed by the name, she is the daughter of Old and Glass director M Night Shyamalan. Does that mean we expect a big twist?

It's too early to know, since production isn't slated to begin until the summer, with a June 7, 2024 release date pencilled in. There is a novel by AM Shine that the film is based on, so you could go read that now and find out what happens, but the film could easily take a different direction.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy last year about Barbarian's sleeper hit success, Campbell said: "I knew when we were making it, we all loved it, we all thought it was great. We thought that it could do well, and I think when we were coming up to the point of it coming out, everyone was like: 'OK, maybe this is going to be something…'.

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"It's just gone above and beyond that, it's just insane. The last time I spoke to Zach (Cregger, the director) was two or three weeks after it had come out in the US, and he was just screaming down the phone at me about the box office success and how many people had seen it. It's definitely been a really welcome surprise. It's great because we all really love the film."

The Watchers could well be her next big hit, whilst also establishing the career of Ishana Night Shyamalan.

The Watchers is scheduled for release on June 7 2024. Barbarian is available to watch now on Disney+.

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