Barcelona attack: Police confirm Moussa Oukabir shot dead amid fears terror suspects fled across border to France

Danny Boyle

A huge manhunt was underway across Europe last night for at least one jihadist feared to be still at large after plotting the Barcelona terrorist attacks.

Police and security services were hunting for the remaining members of a Moroccan-born terror cell, amid fears that they could be preparing further attacks at popular tourist areas. 

The 17-year-old key suspect of the Barcelona van outrage, Moussa Oukabir, was one of five terrorists shot dead by Spanish police during an attack on the coastal resort of Cambrils in the early hours of yesterday, authorities confirmed last night. 

They also named Said Aalla, 18 and Mohamed Hychami, 24 as among those shot dead. Four other suspects were taken into custody.

But police were last night continuing to appeal for information on Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22. There were also reports that two further suspects were being sought.

A French security official said last night that Spanish police were looking for a Renault Kangoo van rented on Thursday in Spain by the suspects that may have crossed into France.

Security officials believe the attacks on Barcelona and Cambrils were the work of a terror cell of at least 12 people, who may have been inspired by the London Bridge outrage in June.

On Thursday afternoon, Oukabir and his associates drove a van along Barcelona’s crowded Las Ramblas thoroughfare, ploughing into tourists leaving 13 dead and more than 100 injured.

Moussa Oukabir, 18, is being hunted as the suspected van driver

Among those thought to have been killed was a seven-year-old British boy, who had been visiting Barcelona for a family wedding. Julian Cadman, who was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but later moved to Australia, had been strolling along Las Ramblas with his mother, Jumarie, when they were both mown down.

Mrs Cadman was last night understood to be still in hospital in an induced coma, unaware that her son was missing, feared dead. Her husband, Andrew Cadman, who had been unable to attend the Catalonian wedding and had stayed at home in Sydney, boarded a flight to Barcelona and was due to land late last night.

Among the other victims was an Italian tourist, Luca Rosso, who was hit as he walked through the streets with his fiancée. Another Italian, Bruno Gulotta, 35, a father of two, was also killed in front of his wife and children.

After carrying out the attack, Oukabir is believed to have fled on foot, before hijacking a Ford Focus car, stabbing the driver, and jumping a checkpoint, in order to make his escape. It is then believed he travelled to the coastal resort of Cambrils, where he met up with four fellow jihadists.

Driving an Audi A3, they travelled at speed along the town’s promenade but crashed and flipped the car.

Barcelona terror attack

The jihadists then got out of the vehicle and started to attack the terrified onlookers with knives and axes. All of the jihadists were shot dead by police who were on the scene as part of a heightened security operation following the Barcelona attack.

Despite his role as ringleader in the attacks it was not thought that Oukabir had been known previously to the security services. But social media accounts reputed to be linked to him contained a series of Islamist comments. In one post, when asked what he would do on his first day as absolute ruler of the world, Moussa replied: “Kill all infidels and only allow Muslims to continue the religion.”

His older brother, Driss, 28, was among four men in custody, who were being held on suspicion of involvement in the atrocities. 

Police officers by the upturned car used to target civilians in a second terrorist attack in Cambrils early on Friday Credit: LLUIS GENE/AFP

A huge explosion at a house in the town of Alcanar, 120 miles south of Barcelona, in which one man died, was connected with the attacks.

Police who searched the remains of the property discovered a large number of gas canisters which they believe were intended to be packed into a vehicle and driven into crowds. Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero said they were planning “a much bigger atrocity” than the one that took place.

Yesterday, Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, King Felipe VI and Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia – where both attacks took place – held a minute of silence in Barcelona. It was followed by the crowd shouting “not afraid”.

Mapped: Barcelona van attack


Malcolm Turnbull urges Australians to pray for missing boy

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked people to pray for a young Australian boy who is missing after a vehicle attack on a popular Barcelona promenade that killed 13 people.

Mr Turnbull said on Saturday that the boy's mother was badly injured and is in a hospital following Friday's attack at the Las Ramblas promenade. Mr Turnbull says the boy's family is searching for him. He did not release the boy's name.

He added: "All of us as parents know the anguish his father is going through, and his whole family is going through, as they rush to seek to find him in Barcelona."


Security stepped up at sporting events 

Security is being stepped up at major sporting events in Spain.

The country's main football competition, La Liga, returns this weekend following its three-month summer break.

Barcelona's opening match against Real Betis will go ahead as planned at the Camp Nou stadium on Sunday. Additional police will be on duty at all major sporting venues.

In addition, the Vuelta, one of cycling's three Grand Tours, enters Spain on Tuesday, with thousands of spectators expected to line the route.

The stage will finish at Tarragon, which is  is only 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) along the Mediterranean coast from Cambrils.


Former head of anti-terrorism expert says vehicular terror attacks are difficult to stop



Watch how large Barcelona's Las Ramblas memorial grows over time



Police confirm Moussa Oukabir shot dead by police in Cambrils

Spanish police on Friday released the names of three Moroccan suspects in the deadly attacks in Spain's Catalonia region, shot dead overnight by security forces in the seaside resort of Cambrils.

Catalonia's regional police identified them as Moussa Oukabir, 17, Said Aallaa, 18, and Mohamed Hychami, 24. Police said they were searching for a fourth suspect, Younes Abouyaaqoub, aged 22.


American Daniel Tucker confirmed among the dead as family pays tribute

A man says his son, a California resident, is among the dead in a truck attack in Barcelona, Spain.

Daniel Tucker tells The Daily News of New York that his son Jared Tucker's body was identified by his wife at the morgue on Friday.

Tucker says, "It's just something we really just don't understand."

The couple, celebrating their first wedding anniversary, posed for this photograph just an hour before the attack

Jared Tucker and his wife, Heidi Nunes, were visiting Barcelona for their first wedding anniversary. Tucker and his father worked together installing swimming pools.

The elder Tucker tells the newspaper that "everybody loved him."


Spanish police 'looking for a rented Kangoo utility vehicle that may have crossed into France'

A French security official says Spanish police are looking for a Kangoo utility vehicle rented by suspects in the Barcelona attacks that may have crossed into France, AP reports.

The official said Spanish police alerted French authorities to the vehicle, rented on Thursday in Spain. The official said French police nationwide are on the lookout for the car, and were given information from Spain about four suspects believed to be on the run.

A Renault Kangoo

The official was not authorised to be publicly named speaking of an ongoing manhunt.

After two deadly vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a nearby resort, France's interior minister said his country reinforced police surveillance on Friday of what is normally an open border between Spain and France. French officials said on Friday evening that no one has been detained so far in the Spanish investigation.


Riot police seal off section of Las Ramblas amid protest

Riot police have cordoned off a section of Las Ramblas as a group of people, some with masks over their faces, began shouting and bottles were thrown, Hayley Dixon reports.

The group were shouting anti fascist slogans and clapping.


Witness tells of hiding in restaurant amid terror attack

A 22-year-old eyewitness, Raquel Doval, who was holidaying with her family at the time of the attack in Cambrils, describes how she had to hide in a restaurant to escape the terror. ​ 


Are holidaymakers covered by insurance if they refuse to fly to Spain in wake of terror attacks?

Holidaymakers worried about terror attacks in Spain might not be covered if they refuse to fly, insurers have warned, reports Laura Hughes.

A tour operator is only legally obliged to offer travellers a full refund or an alternative holiday if the Foreign Office advises against visiting a destination.

Spain has not been put on the Foreign Office's "no-go" list following the two terror attacks in Cambrils and Barcelona. 

Malcolm Tarling, from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), told the Telegraph: "While some travel insurance policies may cover cancellation if the Government advise against it, you may not be covered if you decide against travelling to your destination when there is no advice not to do so.

"Travel insurance will cover the costs of any emergency medical treatment needed if you are caught up in a terrorist attack. 

"If you are in, or are planning to visit, an area where an attack has occurred, you should follow any advice from the UK  Government and, where necessary, talk to your travel agent, tour operator,  airline or other transport provider. 

"If you change your travel arrangements, then your travel insurance can usually be transferred to cover the new destination."


Friend of arrested suspect 'very surprised' by his arrest

Pablo Romeres, a waiter at the el Punt restaurant in Ripoll, told The Telegraph that he was good friends with Driss Oukabir, and that he had been "very surprised" by his arrest last night, reports Harry Yorke.

"My friend, Driss, he is first to be accused," he added. "He lives close to the station here, I know him well. I do not know the others, apart from Moussa, his brother.

"He was here when it happened I think, so I don't think it was him. They are talking about Moussa, so maybe he is connected, who knows.

"Do I think he would do something like this? No, definitely not."


Donald Trump uses Barcelona tweets to have a dig at US Democrats

President Donald Trump set out to reassure Americans this morning, as they wake up to the latest news from Barcelona, Harriet Alexander in New York writes.

He said that the homeland security and law enforcement teams were "on alert and closely watching for any sign of trouble".

He then followed up with a dig at the Democrats, accusing them of threatening the country's security by their refusal to back his travel ban and their resistance to his plans to give police a free rein.

He said he is travelling from his New Jersey golf course to Camp David today to discuss "national security, the border and the military" - his favourite topics.


How the Barcelona attack showed all the hallmarks of new jihadi tactics

The terror attack in Barcelona that left 14 dead bore an eerie similarity to other recent attacks, showing all the hallmarks of new jihadi methods, writes Jacob Burns.

It echoed recent attacks in Nice, Berlin and London. In each of those instances, an attacker drove a vehicle into crowds at high profile locations in the city, with deadly effect.

The July 2016 Nice attack involving a lorry killed dozens Credit:  ERIC GAILLARD/Reuters

In each case, Isil also claimed responsibility, saying that the attackers had answered their call to attack nations who are participating in the anti-Isil coalition. Click here to read more.


One American killed in Barcelona attack

The US state department has confirmed that one American citizen died in the Barcelona attack and another has suffered minor injuries, reports Harriet Alexander.

A spokesman said: "The US consulate general in Barcelona continues to work with local authorities to identify and provide assistance to US citizens affected by the terrorist attacks in Las Ramblas and Cambrils.

"At this time we can confirm that one US citizen was killed. We can also confirm that one US citizen sustained minor injuries.

"Out of respects for the family’s privacy in their time of grief, we have no further comment. Spanish authorities report that there are still several casualties that are not yet identified."

Click here to read more about the victims.


Police 'do not rule out' other members of terror cell in Cambrils

The woman who died following the attack in Cambrils was part of a family visiting from Zaragoza, two other members of which have also been hospitalised, reports Hannah Strange. The victim has not yet been named.

Police in Cambrils said they could not be certain if the attackers had come from outside the beach town or had a base there.

Asked by The Telegraph if they believed there could still be members of a cell in the resort, an officer who declined to be named said: "I would not rule it out".

Police chiefs in the town were huddled in meetings as along the promenade tourists began to return to bars and beach chairs, some nervous, others in disbelief at the tragedy that had unfolded while many were sleeping.

Spanish police in Cambrils after the attack Credit: Cambrils /EFE

Raquel Doval, a 22-year-old student from Navarra on holiday with her family, was having dinner at a restaurant terrace on the promenade when they heard shots, which they initially mistook for fireworks.

Suddenly, the staff told them to run inside and hide, and they saw people fleeing and screaming.

"We just arrived yesterday. It was our first night," she told The Telegraph, describing the terror she felt barricaded inside the restaurant and later, as the family edged their way back to the hotel, sticking to areas off limits to vehicles for fear of further attack. 

Nevertheless, her family planned to stay and finish their holiday, she said. "We do not want to let them think we are afraid. You have to go on."


Motorways leading out of Barcelona gridlocked due to police checks

Motorways leading out of Barcelona were gridlocked due to police checkpoints on Friday afternoon, reports James Rothwell.

Officers armed with shotguns were scrutinising every passenger in every vehicle leaving Barcelona via the C32 road, slowing the pace of traffic to a crawl.

French police officers control vehicles coming across the border from Spain  Credit: RAYMOND ROIG/AFP

The road runs south along the coastline towards the small town of  Alcanar, where a huge explosion took place on Wednesday.

Police say they found canisters of gas inside the house and believe it is linked to the attacks.


Queen condemns 'deeply upsetting' attacks in message to Spain's king

The Queen has sent a message of support to the King of Spain describing the terrorist attacks in his country as "terrible" and commenting how it is "deeply upsetting" when innocent people are put at risk.

The Queen said in her message: "Prince Philip and I send our sincere condolences to Your Majesty, and the people of Spain, following the terrible terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils which killed and seriously injured many.

"It is deeply upsetting when innocent people are put at risk in this way when going about their daily lives.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and the people who are recovering in hospital.

"Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to all who have been affected by these appalling incidents."


Police confirm Barcelona van driver is still not 'identified'

A police chief has told a press conference that the driver of the van used in the Barcelona attack has still not been "identified".

Josep Luis Trapero told reporters that investigators are linking the attacks on  La Rambla, Cambrils and the explosion in Alcanar.

While suspect Moussa Oukabir, who remains on the run, has been named by sources as the suspected van driver, news website La Vanguardia reported that police sources said they have not ruled out the driver is one of those killed in Cambrils.

The hired van used in the Las Ramblas attack

Four of the dead men in Cambrils have been identified. They were aged 21, 27, 28 and 34. Three were Moroccan and one was Spanish and police said none of them were previously known to the security services for terror-related reasons.

But Mr Trapero, a Catalan regional police official, told reporters the fifth man had not yet been identified.

He also revealed that police had yet to identify the Barcelona driver and said: "It could be one of the people shot in Cambrils, but we don't know yet."

Mr Trapero said the suspects had been preparing even bigger attacks "for some time". He also confirmed:

  • the same officer killed four of the five terrorists in Cambrils: "To kill four people, even if you are a professional, is not easy to digest"
  • that three Moroccans and one Spaniard had been arrested
  • "We work with the hypothesis that the authors were preparing for some time in this building of Alcanar both attacks. It was a group, we do not know the specific number, but we do not rule out having other attacks in mind. They are all identified."


Spanish prime minister: Terrorism is Europe's main problem

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, has said that terrorism is "Europe's main problem right now". 

He said: “What makes us most effective is that we are all united. These attacks are not only against us, but against all countries that defend freedom and democratic values."

He added: "It is very important to work together and exchange everything that has to be exchanged. It is the first problem in Europe right now."


How to explain the horrors of terrorism to children

With terror attacks becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, who should parents explain what they are seeing on their TV screens to children. 

Experts from the Royal College of Psychiatrists have advised that parents should be honest with their children about terror attacks. Click here for the full advice.


Floral tributes laid in Barcelona for terror attack victims

As Spain begins three days of mourning, well-wishers have laid flowers and lit candles in memory of the victims in Barcelona. 


UK 'urgently looking into reports' of British child missing in Spain

UK authorities are "urgently looking into reports" of a British dual-nationality child believed to be missing in Spain following the terror  attacks, Prime Minister Theresa May said. 

This is believed to be seven-year-old Julian Cadman, who father is from Sydney, who has lived in England and has been pictured wearing a jumper from a nursery school in Kent.

Julian Cadman, seven, pictured in a UK nursery school jumper

Mrs May, who spoke to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday morning, added: "We must work together if we are to confront this evil of terrorism, and also to confront and deal with the perverted extremist ideology which drives it - ridding the internet of poisonous material, and ensuring that our police and security services have the powers that they need. Terrorism is the great threat that we all face, but together we will defeat it."


Spanish flags in Madrid fly at half-mast

In Madrid, the Spanish capital, flags are flying at half-mast to honour those who were killed and injured in the terror attacks. 


Fourth person arrested over terror attacks

A fourth person has been arrested in connection with the Spanish terror attacks, police in Catalonia say.

The suspect, whose identity has not been revealed, was held in Ripoll, where two others had previously been arrested.


France strengthening border controls with Spain

France is strengthening controls on its border with Spain, the French interior minister says - amid fears that terrorist may try to enter France or has already done so, reports David Chazan.


Scotland Yard liaising with Spanish police over attack

Britain's most senior counter-terrorism police officer has said UK officers are liaising with their Spanish counterparts.

Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: "Officers are at UK ports today ready to meet British holidaymakers returning to the UK from the region in order to take any witness accounts.

"Anyone who has returned from Spain can also call the confidential hotline with information on 0800 789 321.

"We are also urging people who have images or footage that may assist investigators to upload them to"


Hero police officer killed four of five terrorists in Cambrills

One Catalan police officer killed four of the five terrorists who used an Audi A3 to plough through pedestrians in the seaside city of Cambrills last night, reports James Crisp.

The officer was carrying out a spot check on a roundabout near the seafront of Cambrils, when the Audi hit four people before ramming into the police car.  One officer suffered a broken tibia and a heavy blow to the head in the collision.

One of the five terrorists charges towards police with a knife in Cambrils Credit: Sky News

The terrorists’ car overturned in the crash. Seeing the terrorists getting out of the car and advancing towards him with machetes and axes, the hero officer shot four of the terrorists.

A fifth fled in the direction of a park, stabbing a passerby in the face with a knife before being gunned down by a police sergeant with a submachine gun, according to La Vanguardia. 


Dead and wounded made up of 34 different nationalities

The dead and wounded from the attacks include 34 different nationalities, Catalan authorities have said.

A total of 130 people were wounded in the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.


'Small number' of Britons injured in Spanish terror attacks

A "small number" of Britons were injured in the terror attacks in Spain and additional staff have been sent to Barcelona to help, the Foreign Office said.


British skateboarder: 'Van was right next to me... just hitting people'


Death toll rises to 14 as woman injured in Cambrils dies

The death toll after the Spanish attacks has risen to 14, emergency services have said.

A woman who was critically injured in the town of Cambrils has died. Six other civilians, including a police officer, were also injured in that attack early today.


Minute's silence held in Barcelona's main square

Thousands of people have held a minute's silence in Barcelona's main square for victims of yesterday's attack. It was attended by Spain's king and premier.

The minute's silence on Plaza Catalunya ended in applause and with calls of I am not afraid" in Catalan and in Spanish.


First named victim is a father of two from Italy

The first named victim of the Barcelona attack is Bruno Gulotta, an Italian father of two young children, reports Helena Horton.

He was on holiday with his partner and two children - one of whom is about to start school and the other is seven months old.

Mr Gulotta was crushed to death on the Ramblas by the lorry while walking hand in hand with his 5-year-old son who his wife Martina managed to snatch to safety in the nick of time, she was quoted as telling friends.

Martina was following her husband carrying their seven-month-old baby girl Aria in a rucksack she was wearing on her chest when Bruno was run down, la Repubblica newspaper quoted her telling his workmates.

Bruno Gulotta died in the attack in Barcelona Credit: TOM'S HARDWARE

Martina grabbed their son Alessandro, aged 5, and rushed both children to safety but Mr Gulotta, 35, was killed instantly.

Mr Gulotta worked as a salesman in a computer shop in Legnano in northern Italy.


Witness: Terrorist shot by police 'got up again like a horror film'

A man caught in the panic of the terrorist attack in Cambrils described the scenes as like watching a "horror film".

Fitzroy Davies, who earlier told how one of the attackers smiled at police, was visiting the town for a judo camp.

He told Sky News he saw one of the attackers get back on his feet, despite suffering police gunshots. He said:

"He came running up, he had silver stuff on him, he had a thing in his hand, and then somebody shouted 'police' and then within 30 seconds the police came.

"Next thing you know, they've drawn their guns and they were shouting at the guy and then shots were fired.

"He then fell down and then within two seconds he stood back up. He then stepped over the fence, charged the police again and the police then gave some more shots and then he fell down again.

"I couldn't understand what he was saying but he was just shouting something and he was going up and down the street and the police were saying 'stop', it must have been 'stop, stop', or whatever, and he kept charging until, in the end, they shot him."

Mr Davies said the crazed attacker was behaving "like somebody who was on drugs". He said:

"He was just going up and down the street, like ranting, raving and he was - I don't know if he was all the ticket, I don't know because he was just going up and down.

"And then when he took the first round of shots he fell on the floor, and then within two seconds, I thought I was watching a film, one of them horror films, the guy just stood up.

"Just stood up, got back up, walked over the fence and started laughing at the police.

"And as he started laughing at the police, he was walking to them and the police started to step backwards and then they shot him again. And that's when he went down."

Mr Davies said the terrorist appeared to be holding some kind of device, later thought to have been a mock trigger for a fake suicide vest.

"I think it did it's job," he said. "It made everyone fearful. And I think that's what they were looking for.

"He had something in his hand and at first everybody kept on thinking he's got something. And that's why everybody was running."


Police seek teenager as suspected Barcelona van driver

Spanish police have named the man they are seeking as the suspected Barcelona van driver.

He is 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir, according to local media. He is the brother of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan who is alleged to have rented the vehicle.


'Defiant' Las Ramblas reopens as Barcelona unites 

Less than 24 hours after the Barcelona attack, Las Ramblas reopened this morning in a show of “defiance” as Barcelona residents united to help those affected.

Las Ramblas reopens for business following the terror attack  Credit: Getty 

Stallholders opened for business as usual along the main artery of the city. Click here for more reaction.

Placards with black ribbons hang on a kiosk in the area where a van crashed into pedestrians at Las Ramblas Credit: Reuters 


12-strong terror cell behind attacks, police believe

Police in Spain have said that a terror cell of 12 people is believed to have been behind the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils  as well as the explosion in Alcanar, according to local media.


How is the Alcanar house explosion linked to the attacks?

A gas explosion at a house in Alcanar that killed one person on Wednesday is being linked to the attacks.

The blast that killed one person and injured seven others happened at a property in the village 130 miles from Barcelona. Firefighters found an estimated 20 gas cylinders in the property.

The house that collapsed after a gas explosion in the village of Alcanar on Wednesday Credit: JAUME SELLART/EPA

Documents found in the rubble of the house established a connection with the Barcelona massacre, investigators believe.

Investigators have revealed that they believe an eight-strong terror cell could have been planning a gas canister attack.


At least one more terrorist still being sought after van attack

At least one more terrorist is still being sought over the Barcelona van attack, Catalan's regional president has said.

Carles Puigdemont told local radio there was at least one "terrorist still out there", but that "we don't have information regarding the capacity to do more harm".

This is thought to be the van driver, who is believed to still be on the run after fleeing unarmed.


Spanish and EU flags fly at half-mast in Brussels

After the twin terror attacks in Spain, both the Spanish and European Union flags are flying at half-mast outside the European Parliament in Brussels this morning.


British boy, seven, missing after Barcelona attack

The family of a seven-year-old boy believed to be British has posted on Facebook begging for his safe return after he was separated from his injured mother in the Barcelona attack, reports Helena Horton.

Julian Cadman was in the Spanish city with his mother when the van struck where they were walking. The two were reportedly there to attend a wedding.

Julian Cadman is pictured wearing a jumper from a British nursery Credit: JOM CADMAN

It appears Julian is British. Although his aunt and uncle who are searching for him live in Sydney, Julian is pictured wearing a jumper from a nursery in the UK. He also has relatives who live in the UK.

Jumarie 'Jom' Cadman, the mother of Julian, was found in hospital and is in a serious but stable condition.

Click here for more details on those missing after the attack.


Third suspect arrested is 34-year-old Moroccan national

The Catalan police have confirmed the third person to be arrested is a 34-year-old Moroccan national who was living in Ripoll. He is believed to be an associate of Oukabir and the driver of the van remains on the run.


Terror cell of eight 'planning attack with gas canisters'

Authorities investigating that attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils believe that a cell of eight people might have been involved and had been planning an attack with gas canisters, according to a judicial source.


Man arrested in Ripoll could be driver of car that drove into police checkpoint, official says

Joaquim Form, the Catalan interior secretary, told RAC1 radio that initial indications were that the man arrested in Ripoll could be the driver of the car that yesterday drove into a police checkpoint on Avenida Diagonal before abandoning the vehicle in Sant Just Desvern, reports Hannah Strange.

The person killed in Sant Just Desvern was apparently the owner of the vehicle, who was found dead from knife wounds inside; it had previously been reported that the driver had died in a police operation. 


Suicide belts worn by Cambrils attackers were fake, police say

The explosive belts worn by attackers killed by police in Cambrils were fake, the Spanish region's head Carles Puigdemont told local radio station RAC1. He said bomb experts had confirmed the explosive belts were duds.


Cambrils terrorist taunted and smiled at police as they shot him, says British witness

Fitzroy Davies, from Wolverhampton, was caught up in the second attack in Cambrils and described how police shot dead one of the attackers.

He told the BBC he was in Spain for a judo camp and was in a meeting with the coaches when the incident unfolded.

"These girls ran into the bar off the street and then people were running up the road. One of our guys stood up, looked and just said 'run', so we all ran.

"This guy came running up the road and was shouting something. I didn't know what it was, so we said call the police."

A policeman stands by the car used in a terrorist attack in Cambrils early on Friday Credit: LLUIS GENE/AFP

"Within 30 seconds the police was already there, jumped out of the car, started shouting at the guy, the guy was then saying something else again.

"And then they 'pop, pop', did a couple of shots and he fell down.

"He stood back up and then he stepped over the fence and he started, he was taunting, smiling and he carried on walking to the police, and then they gave it to him again, a couple more shots and then he fell to the ground."


Third arrest in connection with Barcelona attack

A third person has been arrested in the Spanish city of Ripoll following the van attack in Barcelona, police and the Catalonia Interior Minister have said. It is unclear if this is the driver of the van that killed 13 people.


Recap: How terror returned to streets of Europe

If you are just joining our live coverage here's a recap: Terror returned to the streets of Europe on Thursday when a van ploughed into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing at least 13 and injuring more than 100 others.

Footage of the scene showed dozens of bodies sprawled across the pavement in Las Ramblas, a street popular with tourists. Two men, one Spanish and one Moroccan, were arrested but police said the driver of the van was still at large. 

In the early hours of Friday morning, in the town of Cambrils, 70 miles away,  at least six people were hurt when "alleged terrorists" drove into pedestrians before being shot dead by security forces.

Police officers help the injured after the van crashed into pedestrians in Las Ramblas Credit: David Armengou/EPA

The five attackers in the Audi A3, who were wearing bomb belts, were shot dead, police said. The bomb belts were detonated by the force's bomb squad.

Two of the injured in Cambrils were in critical condition, emergency services said. Police say the attacks were linked.

Police at the scene in Cambrils where five terrorists were killed Credit: JAUME SELLART/EPA

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack as Joaquim Forn, Catalonia’s police chief, warned: “Unfortunately the number of fatalities will likely rise.”

On Thursday night it was confirmed that a three-year-old child was among the victims and 15 people people were in a critical condition.

Police detain a possible suspect after the Barcelona attack Credit: Jason Yu/Twitter

Liam Searle, 22, from Chichester, West Sussex, said he was skateboarding along the road at around 5.15pm with his headphones on when he heard “massive bangs and thuds” which he thought were gunshots. 

“I realised it was the van next to me hitting people.” he said. “The van had stopped right next to me. That’s when two men got out and I ran for my life.”

Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old of Moroccan origin, was suspected of having rented the van used in the assault. Spanish reports later said he had handed himself in to police, who were investigating whether his brother had stolen his documentation.

A handout photo made available by Spanish National Police shows Driss Oukabir, alleged to have rented the van which was used to crashed into pedestrians in Las Ramblas Credit: Spanish National Police/ HANDOUT

Two explosions at a house in the town of Alcanar, 120 miles south of Barcelona, on Wednesday night were last night linked by police to the attack. Officers said the residents had been preparing explosives. At least one person died and more than 16 were injured in what was initially thought to be a gas explosion.  

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, condemned the “terrible” Las Ramblas assault and said Britain stood firmly with Spain against terrorism.  

Pictured: the van reportedly used in the attack

Donald Trump, the US president, tweeted that the US “will do whatever is necessary to help”, adding: “Be tough & strong, we love you!.”   The Spanish royal family described the attackers as “assassins, criminals who won’t terrorise us”, while Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, said the attack was “jihadist terrorism” requiring a global response.

Victims of the Barcelona attack Credit: David Armengou/EFE

This was the eighth terror attack using a vehicle in Europe in the past three years, following the Nice assault in July 2016 that killed 86 and attacks on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge earlier this year that left four and eight people dead. 

Earlier this year, jihadists warned that they would be seeking to take their campaign of death and destruction to popular areas in the Mediterranean.

Injured people are treated in Barcelona, Spain

The CIA warned Spanish police two months ago that Las Ramblas was a potential target, reports said.  

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Terror timeline - Ramming attacks involving vehicles