Bargain Hunt's Christina Trevanion explains how ditching one thing transformed her body

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Recognisable TV antique expert, Christina Trevanion, has been flaunting her new look on Instagram. The Whitchurch-born star is renowned for her antique expertise and roles in numerous daytime shows like Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Flog It!

he also holds a position at Trevanion and Dean, an auctioneer firm based where she resides, and has shared the screen with hosts like Eric Knowles, Roo Irvine, Natasha Raskin Sharp, and Charles Hanson.

An Instagram post of Christina stepping out of a clear sea in a black bikini caught a lot of attention of many with fans filling the comment section: "Looking very sexy in your black bikini Christina. Ever thought about being a model with your gorgeous body? " and another saying, "You've got my vote for the new bond girl."

The 43-year-old star has been open about her commitment to self-care, sharing in a post: "It may sound rather naive, but it has taken me 41 years to realise that physical well-being is equally as important as your mental health", reports OK!.

Bargain Hunt's Christina Trevanion looks stunning following an impressive body transformation
Bargain Hunt's Christina Trevanion looks stunning following an impressive body transformation -Credit:Christina Trevanion/Instagram

She reflected on her past, saying: "My 30's were spent running around making sure that everyone else was ok, being a parent and wife, with a fledgling business and a tv career meant that I had very little time to focus on anything other than every day survival."

She admitted: "As a result for over a decade I completely forgot about 'me'. In my 40's I have finally realised that, rather than putting myself at the bottom of the pile, I really needed to start looking after myself too. I can safely say that I have never felt healthier, happier, stronger or more fulfilled... long may it continue! Stop running around pleasing everyone else and make time to look after YOU folks, self care is critical and it's revolutionary! ".

Christina also revealed her daily exercise routine, stating: "Personally, I have worked towards this by taking time every day to exercise."

She added the hashtag "sunrise yoga" to a post, indicating her love for the workout. And the secrets behind her transformation? Eating healthily and avoiding alcohol, she shared.

The TV personality, who recently had a health scare that saw her rushed to hospital, has shared how she ditched alcohol to get fit, "apart from the odd gandt, and a glass of wine with friends."