Barnardo’s apologises for making audiences cry in tearjerking advert

Children’s charity Barnardo’s have said sorry to viewers who were left in tears after watching their latest advert.

The hard-hitting campaign is called ‘Believe In Me’ and the clip features a young gymnast, a dancer and a drummer along with inspiring messages of hope.

However, the advert, which launched on TV and cinema screens last week, has had a profound effect on some viewers, reducing some to tears, according to Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan.

He said the tears were worth as it is important to highlight the positive message that every child can go on to achieve their dreams irrespective of their background.

Tearjerker: The adverts provoked a strong response in viewers (PA)

Mr Khan said: “We tested the new advert on thousands of people and it’s left many in tears.

"We are sorry if it has made people cry but we really have to tell everyone that our services to help children and families are needed more than ever.”

Tweeters responded as the advert aired, with one person writing: "The new Barnardo’s advert has made me cry.

“As a foster kid myself, I can’t express how much people who believe in you gets you through.”

A recent poll found that virtually all the young people surveyed said they lacked confidence, and two-thirds believed grown-ups were not good at telling them they could succeed.

Top pic: PA