Barry star Sarah Goldberg explains that shocking twist

sarah goldberg as sally reed in barry season 4
Barry star explains that shocking twistHBO

Barry season four, episode five spoilers follow.

HBO's Barry has pulled an unexpected card with its latest twist, seeing its protagonist and Sally leading very different lives in the future.

Episode five of season four, titled 'tricky legacies', jumps eight years ahead to reveal Bill Hader's redeemed hitman and Sarah Goldberg's Sally, now donning a brunette wig, living under new identities in a house in the desert with their son John.

"Bill had told me we're going to do an eight-year flash-forward before I'd read the whole season," Goldberg told Variety about the decision to do the time jump.

sarah goldberg as sally reed in barry season 4

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While Barry is extremely cautious of anything remotely violent, Sally is caving to her darkest instincts. Working as a waitress at a diner, she's sexually harassed by a biker, but later seduces him, takes him to the bathroom to make out and nearly strangles him to death.

"I was really excited, because from the beginning of the series, I just wanted to push Sally into the darkest depths that we could," Goldberg said.

"I was curious to see her as a full-blown alcoholic; that was my hope. Bill promised me we'd go all the way there by the end of the series, and he held true to his promise. It's a full departure from anywhere we've been in the show."

bill hader as barry berkman in barry season 4

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The actress also confirmed the time jump included references to cult film Paris, Texas, and that the bathroom scene was a sequence she found particularly challenging.

"The moment that dropped in my stomach the most was the bathroom scene. That was something they hadn't talked to me about before reading, and I just had no idea where that was gonna go," she said.

"Is she going to sleep with him? Is she going to kill him? That was exciting not to know, even as Sally, where we're going."

With three more episodes before the fourth and final season draws to a close, expect more dark twists before Barry and Sally bow out.

Barry airs on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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