Baseball-Sized Hail Smashes Through Storm Chaser’s Car Window in Oklahoma

A storm chaser in Chickasha, Oklahoma, may have gotten more than he bargained for when chasing a severe hailstorm on April 9 that left him with a broken rear window.

Andrew Justin, a meteorology student at Oklahoma University, recorded this video and posted it to Twitter.

The video shows pingpong- and baseball-sized hail pummeling the car, first cracking the windshield, then shattering the back window.

“In addition to destroying the back window, the hail also ended up shattering parts of the windshield, leaving even more glass in the car,” Justin said. “We eventually estimated the hail to be between tennis ball and baseball size (2.5 to 2.75 inches) as we forgot the ruler for measuring hail at my apartment.”

The National Weather Service reported baseball-sized hail in the area and warned residents to stay alert. Credit: Andrew Justin via Storyful

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