Battle Lines: Israel prepares retaliation on Iran’s missile strikes

Iran Missile

In this episode of Battle Lines, we speak to the Telegraph’s Middle East Correspondent Nataliya Vasilyeva about how Israel will retaliate for Iran’s recent missile strike. Then we speak to Holly Dagres, senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Program and writer of the substack The Iranist, about how Iran and Israel’s relationship has developed from a shadow war to the brink of a full-scale conflict.

Across the world, from Europe to Asia, from the Americas to the Middle East, tensions are rising between nation states as the traditional alliances and alignments evolve in the 21st century.

2024 sees war in Europe and Israel, and elections in major economies, from the US and the UK to Taiwan. Insurgencies flare in Yemen and Burma, tensions escalate in East Africa, and all around the world the international security architecture buckles under increasing pressure.

Battle Lines, a new podcast from The Telegraph, combines on-the-ground reporting with analytical expertise to help the listener to better understand the course of world politics, wars and tensions, as fault lines grind and slip in an increasingly dangerous and confusing multipolar world.

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