Bavarian Nordic vows to expand monkeypox vaccine capacity

STORY: Bavarian Nordic is making 'every effort' to meet high demand for its monkeypox vaccine around the world.

That's what the Danish biotech firm said Wednesday (August 24).

Bavarian is the only producer of a vaccine approved against monkeypox, but the jab is in short supply.

Several countries have stretched out the available doses to make the most of existing supplies.

Bavarian CEO Paul Chaplin said the company is working to further expand its manufacturing capacity.

Bavarian's facility in Denmark that was meant to 'fill and finish' existing bulk vaccine doses was closed for previously planned upgrades.

The company said Wednesday it had reopened with expanded capacity.

It also said the upgrade had no impact on its ability to supply the vaccine during the first few months of the current outbreak.

Bavarian has raised its outlook for this year six times since May.

Sales of its monkeypox vaccine made up around $15.6 million in the second quarter.