BBC Antiques Roadshow couple 'storm off' after hearing valuation of item

Fiona Bruce said they were rather cross -Credit:BBC
Fiona Bruce said they were rather cross -Credit:BBC

Antiques Roadshow viewers were left gobsmacked when a couple 'stormed off' after their beloved item's valuation was revealed, as recounted by host Fiona Bruce.

Since its debut in 1979, the BBC's Antiques Roadshow has become a staple for Sunday night viewers, who eagerly await the often surprising appraisals of items presented by the public. The show has seen its fair share of drama, from near-misses with fragile antiques to contestants being shocked at the value of their item.

Fiona Bruce, at the helm since 2008 and now aged 59, has witnessed some extraordinary events on the programme. Yet, one particular episode remains etched in her memory: a couple's hasty exit and subsequent disposal of their item following its disappointing valuation,reports The Mirror.

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During an appearance on ITV's Celebrity Catchphrase with Stephen Mulhern, Fiona shared this standout moment from her time on Antiques Roadshow. Stephen asked: "We know you as a presenter, as very serious news reader. We know you from Antiques Roadshow as well, of course. Have you ever seen anybody really cheesed off when they bring their item in and they get told it's worth absolutely nothing? ".

Laughing, Fiona replied: "Everyone tells me they love that bit. And yes, I mean, many times."

She said: "Some people came along once, a couple and they had an enormous painting. They lugged it along and it took them ages. Eventually the specialist saw it and said £30 maybe, and they were so cross."

Fiona added: "They dumped it against a hedge and stormed off."

It comes as the BBC said that filming for the popular programme will kick off in a matter of months back in February.

The 47th series is set to return as viewers learn more about the valuable finds people have stumbled upon. The team will begin their journey from Firstsite Art Gallery in Colchester, Essex, and travel all the way to Thirlestane Castle nestled in Lauder in the Scottish Borders.

Other stops on their itinerary include Beaumaris Castle on the island of Anglesey, the Botanic Gardens in Belfast, and Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery in Ealing, West London.