BBC Antiques Roadshow guest demands 'are you joking' after valuation 'hits him in heart'

A BBC Antiques Roadshow guest has cried "are you joking?" after a huge valuation of Edwardian cufflinks. The BBC guest spoke out on the Sunday night show, which airs weekly with Fiona Bruce as the host at the helm of the programme each and every Sunday.

Expert Joanna Hardy was greeted with unusual cufflinks which were 100 years old during an episode from Wales. Speaking to the owner of the cufflinks, Joanna began: "Jewellery always tells a story and when I saw these cufflinks, they certainly are depicting an era of 100 years ago, of an Edwardian gentleman's vices.

"Horse racing, gambling, women, drinking. So how have you had these?" The guest replied: "Well, these are my grandfather's. My mums just passed them down to me now and the story goes, my grandfather was the chauffeur for Lord and Lady Trafford on the Trafford estate where they lived.

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"Mum lived on the estate and what I get from Mum is that it was a gift from them to say thank you for the hard work and service that they did." He laughed: "Maybe he was driving to many horse racing and nightclubs and parties do you think?"

In reply, the expert explained: "These were typically Edwardian period, when people had come out of the Victorian era where it had all been quite dowdy and Queen Victoria had been in mourning for a long time and then you had the Edwardian period, and that was just gaiety and fun and lightness and these cufflinks really imbued that kind of era.

"And they are made with painted enamel and the detail on these, you've kept these beautifully, because they are just so exquisite in their execution. There's not one chip, it's so easy to chip these, so you've really done very well because they are over 100 years old.

"They are enamelled with gold backs and you will never want to part with them." She went on to deliver her verdict: the cufflinks were likely worth £1,000. The guest mouthed "wow" and asked: "Are you joking? I thought you were going to say £100, that’s amazing. Thank you so much, that’s hit me in [in the heart].”