BBC The Apprentice star Flo Edwards slammed for remark to Sam in final outfit row

Flo Edwards was slammed for her remark to Sam
Flo Edwards was slammed for her remark to Sam -Credit:BBC

The claws came out on Thursday night as Rachel Woolford took on Phil Turner in the grand final of the BBC's The Apprentice series 18 - supported by some ex-candidates including Flo Edwards.

But one moment in the episode had fans lashing out at recruitment entrepreneur Flo, who had been chosen by Leeds gym owner Rachel to help on her team in the process of building a brand, VR experience and digital billboard.

Rachel got first pick of the candidates and chose Flo and Tre among other top candidates to be on her side, although dentist Paul went to Phil's team.

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During branding, Rachel went for 'Studio Build' (spoiler alert - she doesn't keep it, because her gyms which we visited is now called North Studio).

Phil rejected the suggestion 'Phil My Pies' from Maura and ended up going with Prestige Pies.

But during one moment where Flo was watching the digital billboard clip with Rachel and Sam, Flo said she wasn't sure about Sam's outfit and whether it was premium. She told her "It looks like a female Mr Motivator."

Viewers felt it was a 'snobby' remark and hit out at Flo, even though she had been a fan favourite and had the best record through this series' tasks.

@marsupialmummy said: "What a comment, Flo! Was it necessary to slag off your teammates' outfit?"

@Sabrinajaine said: "I don't get what Flo is saying about Sam's gymwear? #TheApprentice"

@kevwgs said: "P*ss off Flo. Absolutely L-O-V-E-D Sam as a candidate. Another person who should have gone further. #TheApprentice"

Sam wearing her 'female Mr Motivator' outfit
Sam wearing her 'female Mr Motivator' outfit -Credit:BBC

@maisymoocow said: "I hate gym snobs like Flo who judge gym wear. Old legging and a t-shirt works for me and many other serious gym goers. We go to work out, not pose."

@shirleighshilz said: "I like Flo, but that was an unnecessary dig tbh. #TheApprentice"

@areyous69 said: "So Flo never been to a gym then."

@matthewmitt6 said; "Shurrup Flo! #TheApprentice"

@dogtanian said; "Female version of mr motivator!!! Bit harsh maybe flo? Though obviously I’m all for the random dated reference #theapprentice"

But a few backed Flo over the comment.

@sailinghannah said: "Flo has a point… #TheApprentice"