BBC The Apprentice's Karren Brady tells candidate 'you'd be arrested' over rude business name

Karren Brady in the boardroom on The Apprentice
Karren Brady was shocked when she heard one of the suggestions for what to call one of the businesses in the final episode of The Apprentice 2024 -Credit:BBC

Lord Sugar was taken aback by a rude suggestion for the name of a business in the final of The Apprentice - with aide Karren Brady suggesting 'you'd be arrested' if you searched for it online.

Phil Turner and Rachel Woolford went head to head in the BBC final on Thursday night. Rachel was crowned the winner with Lord Sugar choosing to invest in her boutique gym business.

The business mogul will hand over £250,000 to the Leeds-born entrepreneur but frankly told her she would have to do 'all the work'. His decision came after he was stunned by a name put forward for Phil's pie business.

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Previous candidates had returned as usual to help the finalists brand their businesses and pitch the idea to industry experts. But Raj Chohan, from Leamington Spa, wasn't of much help with her suggestion of what to call the business.

She suggested Phil My Pie. Karren commented on the name in the final boardroom, referencing it's cheeky double meaning. She said: "Raj didn't know much about pies thankfully you didn't go with her name Phil My Pies."

Fellow aide Tim Campell was baffled as he asked 'Did you really suggest that?' Raj insisted: "I didn't know it was rude!" Lord Sugar quipped, 'You don't want to be typing that into Google' before his aide Karren agreed 'You'd be arrested'.

Lord Sugar said he went with his "gut feeling" to support Rachel's chain of boutique gyms which she hopes to expand with his £250,000 business investment. The 27-year-old said she was 'just a girl from Leeds' and couldn't believe she was going into business with Lord Sugar.

Her victory came after Phil made a crucial mistake in the final boardroom. As Lord Sugar tried to give him business advice to ditch the online part of his pie business, Phil said there was 'more to running a business than making profits'.

A fuming Lord Sugar snapped back: "Not really, sorry Phil. That is a dangerous statement. Let's cut the c***. We're in business to make money, I am anyway, and if you're not in business to make money you're going to be no good to me."