BBC The Apprentice's Phil admits 'big lie' after losing out in final

Phil on You're Hired
Phil admitted he had lied on the show -Credit:BBC

The Apprentice finalist Phil Turner admitted to a 'big lie' he had told in the competition after losing out in the final. Phil had gone head to head against winner Rachel Woolford, pitching his pie business against her boutique gyms.

But he lost out on the £250,000 investment after telling an annoyed Lord Sugar there was 'more to running a business than making profits'. As Phil appeared on spin-off show You're Hired, he admitted he hadn't been completely truthful in the process.

In an unseen audition tape played on the show he was asked to share a party trick. Phil told the camera: "My party trick is I can make a recorder out of a carrot." He was then told they had a carrot ready for him, but Phil insisted it would take him 'an hour' in the clip.

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He then confessed to host Tom Allen: "I've got to come clean. I've got a confession. Before I went into that interview I was Googling party tricks..I was thinking please don't say you've got a carrot.

"So don't get a carrot out because I can't play a recorder on it. It 's a big lie...I feel a lot happier now I've come out with that."

Phil said he was proud of himself for the pitch of his family-run business as he had never done anything like that before. But Lord Sugar wasn't impressed with his attempt to take the business online, telling him it wouldn't work and would distract him from profits.

Phil then put what viewers suggested was the final nail in his coffin as he said there was 'more to running a business than making profits'. A fuming Lord Sugar snapped back: "Not really, sorry Phil. That is a dangerous statement.

"Let's cut the c***. We're in business to make money, I am anyway, and if you're not in business to make money you're going to be no good to me."