BBC BAFTA TV Awards viewers 'switch off' just minutes into 'painful' show

The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 didn't get off to the best start, as viewers complained
The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 didn't get off to the best start, as viewers complained just minutes into the show -Credit:BBC

The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 certainly did not kick off with a bang with viewers criticising the opening of the show which they branded as "cringe" and "toe curling".

Presenters Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan initiated the event, which saw a host of TV shows and stars battling it out for the awards.

However, not everyone was in high spirits, with some viewers taking to X to voice their complaints just minutes into the glitzy ceremony.

The hosts' jokes left divided opinions online with some finding the comedians entertaining while others expressed their disapproval.

The duo began the show with a series of jokes targeted at some audience members and TV shows, the Mirror reports.

The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 viewers were left unimpressed during the broadcasted ceremony, hosted by Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan
Comedians Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan are hosting the show and have caused divided opinions with their "toe-curling" jokes -Credit:BBC

Viewers claimed that some celebrities in the crowd appeared "awkward" in response to some of the comments made, with Rob jesting that his co-host was being overly political.

As the show got underway, several fans voiced their displeasure, suggesting they might "switch off" due to the "cringe" factor.

Other viewers questioned the purpose of the BBC's coverage, given that the winners were already being announced online.

One disgruntled fan posted: "What's the point of airing the #BAFTATVAwards on the BBC, when the news channels ruin it for those who do want to watch it by announcing who won what before it's aired? "

Regarding the hosts, one viewer expressed their disappointment: "I was going to watch The BAFTA'S but having these two presenting it i'm switching off, can't stand the pair of them."

Another shared the sentiment: "Is it too late to change the hosts? " while a third remarked: "This is painful."

Another comment stated: "I may be in a minority with this pair but... Good comedians, but really bad hosts. It's SO awkward," and another echoed: "Worst presenters EVER! ".

Criticism continued as one viewer commented: "5 mins in and the #BAFTATVAwards presenters are making my toes curl."

However, some fans were enjoying the show and the hosts, with one saying: "Bloody love Rob and Romesh. They are great #BAFTATVAwards hosts! ".

One fan tweeted in support: "I like Rob and Romesh... this crowds just not it." Another praised: "Rob and Romesh already killing it."

Despite the online criticism, the duo have also snagged an award for their show during the ceremony.

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