BBC Bargain Hunt expert in disbelief as 'very rare' incident happens on show

Danny Sebastian's bonus buy flopped once it went under the hammer
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

In a repeat episode of BBC's Bargain Hunt, presenter Danny Sebastian could hardly believe the stellar performance of the two teams.

The mother and son team, Jack and Jill, battled it out against father and son duo Phil and Dan with the guidance of antique experts Stephanie Connell and John Cameron.

Each team had to uncover items that would fetch a handsome profit at auction and as luck would have it, both teams struck gold, making profits with all their chosen items.

Even though the red team clinched victory overall, the runners-up didn't leave empty-handed.

A jovial Danny said to them, "Hey blues, profit, profit, profit, profit again. You're going home with golden gavels and you won £82, I think you've done exceedingly well, you really have."

Bargain Hunt
Danny was blown away by their performance -Credit:(Image: BBC)

As their competitors applauded, Jack and Jill were thrilled by their haul.

After receiving their golden gavel pins from Danny, Jill expressed her joy: "Brilliant, got what we came for, that (the money) is a bonus.", reports the Express.

Danny then turned his attention to the victorious pair, informing them they'd nailed a profit on all auctioned items and scored £159.

Handing over the coveted golden gavels following their auction triumph, he added: "Very, very rare that both teams get money and golden gavels, but it happened today! ".

Both teams couldn't hide their pleasure at the result, telling Danny how much they'd enjoyed their experience and acknowledging their lucrative earnings.

One piece that significantly increased the red team's takings was a WMF gravy boat they snapped up for £18.

But as it hit the auction block, bidding went through the roof with an opening gambit of £55.

The pair were visibly shocked at the escalating price, leaving Dan lost for words while Phil couldn't help but clap in delight.

As the bids soared, Danny joked: "You look in shock?!"

To which Phil could only agree, saying: "Completely."

Ultimately, the gravy boat fetched £75, netting them a tidy £52 profit a find that Phil was keen to highlight he had spotted.

An elated Danny declared the sale "absolutely fabulous" and hinted they were on track for a golden gavel, which they indeed secured by the programme's end.

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on BBC iPlayer