BBC Bargain Hunt expert in disbelief as bidders 'go mad' over £15 item

Bargain Hunt
A couple on BBC Bargain Hunt were given a pleasant shock when an unexpected item led them to earn a profit at an auction -Credit:BBC

BBC Bargain Hunt's Joe and Mhari were left in fits of giggles as a humble £15 cast iron toilet roll holder sparked a bidding frenzy, leaving experts and the blue team utterly astonished.

During Monday's episode of the hit BBC One show, the couple, representing the blue team, went toe-to-toe with their red team rivals, scouring car boot sales and antique fairs for hidden treasures to sell at auction.

Their journey was a rollercoaster, with initial disappointment when a clock they'd snapped up for £99 fetched just £50.

However, it was their quirky choice of an iron toilet roll holder that turned their fortunes around.

The auction room was abuzz as expert Raj Bisram initiated the bidding at a modest £8, the Mirror reports.

Bargain Hunt team and experts in hysterics as auction bidders unexpectedly 'go mad' over £15 ite
The couple earned a small profit on their iron cast toilet roll holder -Credit:BBC

To the amazement of Joe and Mhari, the item they had bought for £15 soared in value as bids poured in rapidly, prompting the auctioneer to quip that they were "on a roll."

The gavel finally fell at £32, netting the pair a tidy £17 profit.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected turn of events, Joe turned to Mhari, chuckling in disbelief: "You're joking! They've gone mad."

Off-screen, viewers were quick to voice their astonishment, with many flocking to social media to express their disbelief.

One user pointed out: "[They're] a tenner on Amazon" while another echoed: "The toilet roll holder are for sale all over the Internet at £10 each."

A third chimed in humorously: "Somebody must be flush with cash" as a fourth viewer joked: "Ridiculous price for the bog roll holder."

Wrapping up the online reactions, one fan of the programme remarked: "Bog roll holder stands a chance of making a couple of quid, the rest will be a struggle."

Joe and Mhari then went on to clinch a deal by selling a set of six buttons they had acquired for £49 for an impressive £110, securing their victory over the red team with a modest profit of £19, despite taking a £10 hit from an ornate inkwell they purchased for £40 and sold for £30.

Expert John Cameron was left astounded by their win, exclaiming in disbelief: "Did you get that right? ".

Despite their success against the red team, Joe and Mhari did not manage to sell the priciest item ever auctioned on the daytime TV favourite.

The floral yellow teapot, which contestants passed over, left Bargain Hunt authority Charles Hanson gobsmacked when it fetched an eye-watering £390k at auction.

A Burton-upon-Trent homeowner discovered the "ultimate Bargain Hunt find" during a lockdown clear-out of their attic.

The homeowner was going to throw away the ceremonial ewer, which unbeknownst to them had been made for Emperor Qianlong's court, but it was saved by expert Charles Hanson and later sold for £60,000 at auction.

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