BBC Bargain Hunt team 'not entertaining that idea' after expert's intervention

The red team were unimpressed by the suggestion on Bargain Hunt
BBC Bargain Hunt expert Phillip Serrell offers some advice to the red team -Credit:BBC

An expert on BBC's Bargain Hunt faced a swift rejection after making an 'awful' suggestion during an episode. Presenter Roo Irvine was back at the helm for the latest instalment of the beloved BBC show, where two teams were each given £300 to scour an antique market in Oswestry, aiming to turn the biggest profit.

The Red team, featuring Sheena and Yvonne, and the Blue team, with Rachel and Elaine, were eager to outdo each other. The Reds had the guidance of expert Phillip Serrell, but things didn't start smoothly.

In line with the day's challenge to find an item linked to entertainment, Phillip quickly proposed the idea of purchasing playing cards. His pitch was: "Hold on a minute, I'm just thinking I just think we're going to have an awful job of this challenge in here. If you bought something like that.", reports the Liverpool Echo.

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But his suggestion fell flat as the Red team promptly dismissed it, leading narrator Roo to comment: "They're definitely not entertaining that idea Phil."

The buyers were unimpressed by the table of playing cards

Despite a rocky beginning, the teams completed their hunts, although neither managed to make a profit at auction. The Reds ended up with a loss of £31, while the Blues fared slightly better, losing only £19, yet they emerged as the day's victors.

The episode aired on BBC1 yesterday (Friday, May 3) and is now available on catch up on BBC iPlayer.