BBC Beyond Paradise episode 5 guest stars from soap actress with very famous aunt to Corrie villain

Carolyn Pickles as Maggie Radcliffe in Broadchurch
Carolyn Pickles as Maggie Radcliffe in Broadchurch -Credit:BBC

Beyond Paradise is back tonight with another intriguing mystery for the penultimate episode of the series. This week DI Humphrey Goodman and his team face a puzzling scenario after Niamh Kirby is found face down on the moor, with an arrow in her shoulder.

She's discovered just seconds later but her attacker is nowhere to be seen, leaving the police force scratching their heads. Elsewhere in the show, Anne is diving into preparations for Humphrey and Martha's big day, expected to air in the final episode next week.

The second to last episode in the series has some impressive guest stars among the cast, including an Emmerdale and Harry Potter star who has a very famous aunt all fans of the TV show Friends will recognise. There's also a former Coronation Street villain and an actress who many will recognise from shows including ITV's The Bill and BBC daytime soap Doctors.

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Below we look at the guest stars for the episode and the full cast list joining them. The penultimate episode in the series starts tonight (Friday, April 19) at 8pm.

Beyond Paradise episode 5 guest stars

Emmerdale actress with incredibly famous aunt

Viewers might recognise Carolyn Pickles from TV roles including DCI Kim Reid in The Bill, Shelley Williams in Emmerdale, journalist Maggie Radcliffe in the ITV drama Broadchurch and Reverend Mother Adrian in the Sister Boniface Mysteries. She's also been in films including Roman Polanski's Tess, Agatha and The Mirror Crack'd.

But most viewers will also definitely know her famous aunt Christina Pickles, who had a recurring role in the huge US sitcom Friends. She played Ross and Monica's mum, Judy Geller, appearing many times across the 10-year run of series.

Christina Pickles who plays Judy Geller is from Yorkshire.
Christina Pickles who plays Judy Geller is from Yorkshire. -Credit:© NBC Universal, Inc.

Carolyn is also the great-niece of Wilfred Pickles, the TV and radio personality who was the first newsreader to speak in an accent other than Received Pronunciation in an attempt to make it more difficult for Nazis to impersonate BBC broadcasters. He opened his broadcast with the Yorkshire greeting "Good neet".

Coronation Street villain

Mark Frost, who was born in Longbridge in Birmingham, has worked widely in both theatre and television. Coronation Street fans will recognise him as the sex pest hotelier who slowly amassed a monopoly of properties on the street in 2020.

Ray Crosby planned to buy up the street to create a new hotel development, bribed the planning committee's chairperson and used blackmail and deception to ensure that the owners sold their properties to him. But his plans were scuppered after the residents found out about the plans and mounted a huge protest.

In 2021, Ray's crimes caught up with him, including bribery, the attempted rape of Faye Windass, and the attempted murder of his former accomplice Debbie Webster and her brother Kevin by locking them in the bistro's industrial fridge.

He's also known for roles playing Steve Rawlings in Doctors, Jeffrey Simpson in The Bill and Tom Carne in Poldark.

The Bill legend who starred for 9 years

Seeta Indrani will be recognisable to many for her long-running role as the good-natured WPC Norika Datta in ITV's The Bill. She starred in the series for nine years from 1989 to 1998.

Other TV roles have included two years playing Dr. Lily Hassan on Doctors and playing Afia Khan's maternal aunt Shameem on EastEnders in 2011. She's also had many theatre roles, including playing Cassandra in the original 1981 West End production of Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Beyond Paradise episode 5 full cast list

DI Humphrey Goodman - Kris Marshall

Martha Lloyd - Sally Bretton

DS Esther Williams - Zahra Ahmadi

PC Kelby Hartford - Dylan Llewellyn

Margo Martins - Felicity Montagu

Anne Lloyd - Barbara Flynn

Zoe - Melina Sinadinou

Niamh Kirby - Seeta Indrani

Rebecca Thompson - Carolyn Pickles

Patrick Kirby - Mark Frost

Lucy - Eva Feiler

You can watch Beyond Paradise tonight on BBC One at 8pm, or watch along on iPlayer where you'll find all the previous episodes.