BBC Breakfast’s Emma Vardy announces ‘best breaking news’ with birth of son

BBC Breakfast star Emma Vardy has said she is “smitten and so in love” after welcoming her baby son.

The BBC Ireland correspondent said she was “presenting her best breaking news ever” as she revealed she has given birth to baby boy Jago Fionn.

She revealed she was pregnant with her first child with husband Aaron Adams in May, when she shared a photo of her baby bump after a surfing outing in Co Sligo.

Announcing the new arrival, she said: “Presenting my best breaking news ever.

“Baby boy Jago Fionn is here.

“At just a few hours old, playing a little camera shy.

“Huge thanks to the dedicated & talented midwives & doctors at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital, for looking after us so well.

“Smitten & so in love.”

She also shared a selfie from her hospital bed showing her cuddling the dark-haired new arrival, who is dressed in a white onesie.

Announcing the news of her pregnancy in May, she posted a photo of herself holding a surfboard as she showcased her bump.

She wrote: “Well folks it’s definitely getting a bit harder to balance….extra cargo hitching a ride!!

“Still managing to catch a few waves though.

“Beautiful weekend in Co Sligo, and a very exciting summer ahead!!”

She added: “#paddlingfortwo #babyonboard.”

She married Adams in March 2022 in Co Antrim, where Adams’ son Jonah acted as ring bearer.