BBC Breakfast guest reduced to tears as presenter probes 'raw' emotion

Victoria wipes away teams
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BBC Breakfast viewers were moved as musician Victoria Canal broke down on the show.

During her appearance, the 25 year old pianist spoke about her new album and her experience of performing with Coldplay at Glastonbury, after being personally invited by frontman Chris Martin.

Victoria shared with hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt how she had struck up an unexpected friendship with Chris following a viral moment online, leading to their introduction and subsequent regular contact.

In a touching revelation, Victoria recounted how Chris honoured his word and asked her to join him at Glastonbury, where his renowned band was headlining. "It was a dream come true," she expressed to the hosts.

Chris also extended an invitation to 'Back To The Future' star Michael J. Fox to play guitar during the performance of the hit song 'Fix You', reports the Mirror.

Victoria told Naga and Charlie that the actor had provided her with some comforting advice after she became distressed.

She confided in Michael backstage about her hurt feelings over a headline that had referred to her as the "one armed girl", overshadowing her musical talent. Victoria was born without her right forearm due to amniotic band syndrome.

Michael, 63, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 29, advised her to ignore the tabloids and "write whatever they want" urging her to concentrate on her talent. She recounted to Naga and Charlie how his words were exactly what she needed to hear at that moment.

Yet, seasoned interviewer Charlie noticed the emotion in her voice as she recounted her experiences. Sensing the depth of her feelings, he could tell it was all very much "raw" for her.

He questioned: "I get the impression Victoria, that the emotions are still quite raw, when you're talking about the moments you've just had. You're pretty young so the emotions are probably still pretty raw? ".

She acknowledged with a laugh that he had indeed picked up on her emotional state, admitting: "Yeah, they are pretty raw. I called my parents the day of the show, I literally have been dreaming about this my whole life."

"I couldn't be more honoured to share the stage with my songwriting hero and get to meet people who have just really persevered and just never given up on their dream."

Victoria continued: "Since I was a little girl I just knew that I wanted to do this and always had the conviction to never ever give up," dabbing away tears, she added: "So for my dreams to come true, it's just very special."

Charlie reassured her: "It is special and I can tell you now, that you in turn will be inspiring a lot of people."

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