BBC Breakfast hosts in hysterics over royal doppelganger

Sally Nugent was left in stitches after a video of King Charles at a banquet in Paris appeared to show her co-host's Jon Kay's doppelganger at work as a butler.

Video transcript

SALLY NUGENT: And the gentleman there with the--


Just wow.

JON KAY: Doesn't just-- doesn't just look like me. Nicks other people's drinks like me.

SALLY NUGENT: Like you. Even moves like you.

JON KAY: Yeah. It's really--

SALLY NUGENT: Are you sure you weren't in Paris?

JON KAY: I promise it wasn't me. Although some people thought it was some kind of green screen special effects.

SALLY NUGENT: It looks much like you.

JON KAY: It wasn't me, I promise.