BBC Breakfast star Nina Warhurst defends herself after being 'cut off' and says 'it was accidental'

BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent has a cheeky five-word reaction as Nina Warhurst got cut off live on air. BBC host Sally, who presents with Jon Kay each and every Monday to Wednesday, spoke out on Tuesday's episode.

On the second episode of the week, which aired from 6am til 9.30am, Nina headed to a music venue in Manchester where she spoke to artists and people who worked there on how this proposed funding could help them.

But while heading up to the stage to speak to an up-and-coming artist, her mic fell out of her back pocket and onto the floor. Responding to Jon and Sally who were in the Media City studio at Salford in the North West, Nina commented: “Oh excuse me!

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"Let me just grab that.” Wrapping up her segment, she said: “Er Jon and Sally, I can’t hear you. As you saw earlier, I accidentally dropped my mic pack!" Nina then admitted: "But, I’m sure that will be working as well later on, back to you.”

Sally could be heard laughing as the camera cut back to the BBC star back in the studio. She commented: “Nina, can I just say, well done, what a pro carrying on. Everyone thinks if you work in television you have nice little tiny state-of-the-art digital devices.

“But no, it’s the size of a walkie-talkie from 1977!” Jon added: “A great big pack and it clunks on the floor, she can’t hear us when we say anything about her as well, it’s perfect.” During the segment, Nina told the pair: “Live music here, more than 300 nights of the year, during the week you get in for free and then cheap tickets at the weekend.”

Se spoke to worker Jordan Vincent about the venue's low ticket prices, which are great for punters but not necessarily the business. He commented: “Yes, that’s it exactly. Being a free venue means that we can put original music in front of as many people as possible so we’re super accessible. But then the other side of that is we’re not getting that money from the tickets that can go directly to the artists.

“So we’re relying on bar sales, on other means of making money.”