BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood 'disappears' reading the weather in green dress

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has poked fun at her own wardrobe malfunction, after her dress almost disappeared on screen.

Weather presenters stand in front of a green screen, onto which is projected a moving map of the country, so they can point to specific areas as they deliver the weather forecast.

The 57-year-old presenter - who competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015 - wore an olive green dress to read the forecast today - and narrowly avoided appearing as a dismembered floating head on live TV.

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But Kirkwood couldn’t resist sharing with her 164,000 Twitter followers just what could have gone wrong.

She joked: “This is why we don’t wear green in front of the green screen.”

Kirkwood’s followers also saw the funny side, with many suggesting she wear the disappearing dress next week for her Halloween costume, while others called her “The incredible disappearing woman.”

Another BBC Breakfast presenter really is disappearing from the show - as Steph McGovern announced this week she is leaving.

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The 37-year-old broadcaster, who is expecting her first baby, is set to host her own programme, The Steph Show, on Channel 4.

McGovern tweeted: “First up, I want to thank BBC Breakfast… my home for over eight years.

“It’s mushy, but the wonderful team on the show have been an extended family to me.”

Kirkwood competed on Strictly in 2015, paired with Pasha Kovalev. She was elimiated after seven weeks in 10th place.