BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent forced to apologise as guest swears live on air

BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent was forced to apologise after a guest used inappropriate language live on air.

The host had to address the viewers following the guest's "choice of words" during an interview, alongside her co-presenter Jon Kay.

The morning show, led by Sally, 52, and Jon, 54, featured various guests throughout the recent episode, continuing from their joint hosting duties the previous day.

One segment highlighted an exhibition displaying the work of the late illustrator Raymond Briggs at the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft in East Sussex.

Raymond, who resided in the area before his passing in 2022, is most renowned for the Snowman, first published in 1978.

BBC Breakfast guests Nicolette Jones and Steve Bell on Tuesday's episode
Nicolette Jones (left) and Steve Bell (right) were guests on BBC Breakfast recently to discuss the late illustrator, Raymond Briggs exhibition, Bloomin' Brilliant -Credit:BBC

Joining Sally and Jon were Nicolette Jones, the exhibition's co-curator, and cartoonist Steve Bell who had both known Raymond and discussed the exhibition, Bloomin' Brilliant, on this week's show.

When asked about his relationship with the late illustrator, Steve revealed they had collaborated once.

He added: "They say you shouldn't meet your heroes but, in this case, he was lovely. [A] wonderful, warm, interesting and funny person.

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"We became friends. We had a kind of mutual respect. I always adored his work, I think his artistry is just supreme, and he respected the fact that I was good at deadlines.

"I was very good at churning it out and he only had one deadline a year but I had like seven, eight a week [doing art for a newspaper]."

Steve went on to say: "And so we sort of had this mutual regard, which was great. It was mainly taking the p*** out of each other, but he was such great fun and such a ... his artistry is just so superb but it's all on show in this [exhibition] here."

Jon pointed out Steve's use of colourful language while posing his next question to fellow guest Nicolette.

Sally Nugent was forced to apologise for the inappropriate language on the show as she presented alongside John Kay -Credit:BBC
Sally Nugent was forced to apologise for the inappropriate language on the show as she presented alongside John Kay -Credit:BBC

At the start of the question, the co-host reminded her to mind her language during their Tuesday breakfast show.

Sally also mentioned the incident towards the end of the interview as she addressed the situation and apologised to viewers for any potential offence caused.

Jon playfully suggested they should have conducted the interview using illustrations instead.

Expressing appreciation to their guests, Sally said: "[Nicolette and Steve] thank you both for talking to us this morning. And apologies if anyone was offended by the choice of language in that interview just a moment ago."

Jon jested: "We should have done it in pictures, not words! Be a bit safer, wouldn't it? ".

The summary for the 'Bloomin' Brilliant: The Life and Work of Raymond Briggs' exhibition states: "A new exhibition featuring never-seen-before items and artworks from one of the UK's most beloved author illustrators in the part of East Sussex that he made his home."

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