BBC crews are filming around Birmingham for new drama series as writer says 'I am over the moon'

Chenée Taylor (L) and  Akins Subair star in the show.
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

A new drama filmed in Birmingham is coming to the BBC exploring black working-class life in the city. We Go Again, a working title, is written by British playwright Janice Okoh.

The Midlands-set series is currently filming in and around Birmingham and Coventry for transmission on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three. The show is a comedy drama about three siblings with a dark secret.

When their mum dissapears, the stubbornly optimistic teens will do whatever it takes to stay together as a family and carry on with their lives. The show, which is due to air in 2025, has been billed as 'human and tender, with a thumping great heart.'

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Who is in the cast?

The BBC has announced that newcomers Chenée Taylor, Kaydrah Walker-Wilkie and Akins Subair will lead the cast. Also featured is Jamelia who stars as ‘Fake Jackie’, a version of the sibling's missing Mum.

Also in the cast are Romola Garai (Atonement), Jennifer Metcalfe (Hollyoaks) and Sam Buchanan (The Power) who plays an overzealous schoolteacher. We Go Again will be directed by Nathaniel Martello-White (The Strays) and is a 'celebration of black joy, of council estates, and corner shops.'

The show based on Janice’s 2011 play Three Birds, which starred Michaela Coel and won the prestigious Bruntwood Playwriting Prize.

What is the show about?

We Go Again is an 'irreverent portrait of black working-class teenage life.' The comedy-drama follows three siblings who must stay together as a family when their mum disappears. They will do anything to keep their dark secret, but can they really outwit the authorities? .

Writer and Creator Janice Okoh said: "I am over the moon to be adapting my stage play with the BBC and The Forge. It's been a joy to see the project grow and change but still keep the story of these three wonderful kids home alone and how they handle the adults around them at its heart.

"As soon as I saw Chenée I knew she was my Tiana, a beautiful young adult with an inner strength that shines through. Kaydrah and Akins are phenomenal, too - so naturalistic and funny. I feel lucky we found them. I'm so excited about the rest of the cast joining them - Romola, Sam, Ivanno, Jamelia and Jennifer - and can't wait for the world to meet the characters they portray."

When will We Go Again be released?

Filming for the show is currently underway in and around Birmingham and Coventry. The series is due to air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three in 2025.